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Summary: Zahara and Cerin test out a new airship, continued.

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(:title Should We See If This Flies?:)


'''Zahara''' "Difficult is one way to put it," she smiles wanly.

'''Cerin''' It's a smile mirrored by Cerin.  "We will overcome it, though."

'''Zahara''' "And if we don't, I will no doubt have a rather more exciting family reunion."

'''Cerin''' Cerin smiles.  "A large one, certainly.  How exciting it is depends on just why this is being done."

'''Zahara''' "That's the question, isn't it?  Why my family?  I assume it is somehow directed at me, but what if there's something else they want?  There is so much I don't know about them."

'''Cerin''' "Well, to get at you would be the obvious reason, but the Zhan's are an old and widespread family.  For example, Tara Zhan keep stood in the Shogunate era ..."

'''Zahara''' "Tara Zhan keep?" she echoes

'''Cerin''' "A place I noticed when I surveyed the world as it grew during Calibration.  I know little of it beyond its name."

'''Zahara''' "Ah... yes... There is something to be said for moving beyond one's past... but... I should have known about this.  A lot of things."

'''Cerin''' "And how?  My love, it has been in the wyld for hundreds of years."

''Zahara'' shakes her head. "I don't know how. But I should anyway!"

''Cerin'' wraps his arms around her, comforting.

'''Zahara''' "I thought I knew my place in the world for a while, and now it's all gone crazy again.  I can deal with wars and having most of the world against us, but this whole thing is unsettling. Even moreso than the discovery of the Hundredfold and the other Planes."

'''Cerin''' Cerin kissed her softly.  "Your place in the world has always been at the heart of it all."

''Zahara'' smiles and kisses back. "Ah, my love, if only everyone thought like you." She brushes her fingers through his hair. "Where would I be without you?"

'''Cerin''' "You'd be quite bored if they did all agree ..." he said with a smile.

''Zahara'' chuckles. "True, true."

''Cerin'' kissed her again.  "Should we see if this flies?"

''Zahara'' smiles, "Ahh yes, I had almost forgotten." She stands after a few more moments, and leads the way to the cabin. "The controls are fairly rudimentary, not as fancy as Imrama's is yet. I wanted to get the basic flight controls down before moving on to more advanced systems, though I did lay the groundwork in the channeling of the ship for them."

''Cerin'' nods, tracing a hand over the crontrols, studying them intently. "Of course," he smiles, and then looks out of the front window.

''Zahara'' closes her eyes and concentrates on the ship, feeding her essence into it until it flows freely through the whole thing. There is a faint humming beyond normal perception, like that of heat rising on a hot Fire day. She nudges the controls every so slightly and, as if a breath is slowly released, the ship begins to lift from its cradle.

''Cerin'' is silent, confident, watching the ship as it rises.  "Beautiful," he murmurs

''Zahara'' lifts the ship fully from the hangar, where it hovers, an unusually low cloud on a cloudless day. "Where to?" She grins.

'''Cerin''' "Wherever you want to fly me," he smiles back

''Zahara'' turns the ship gently southwest, and heads off!


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