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Summary: Zee shows off her new airships.

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(:title I Hope She Flies:)


''Zahara'' fiddles with the various mechanisms in the Airship (windshield perfectly repaired once more) as she feeds it the Essence it needs to fly. She runs her fingers over the control panel, making sure all is in order. ::Cerin, my love, would you join me in the clearing? I have something I'd like you to see.::

'''Kraken''' ::I shall be there soon, love:: he said, and sure enough, soon he was there, a single footstep sounding behind Zahara before he kisses her.

'''Cerin''' ::I shall be there soon, love:: he said, and sure enough, soon he was there, a single footstep sounding behind Zahara before he kisses her.

''Zahara'' smiles and returns the kiss, holding him for a moment before releasing him. "Thank you. In my time away from the Sunlands... I've been busy. I thought you'd like to see what i've made - unless of course you've already seen it." She smiles a little, lifting the ship off and sailing away towards the west

'''Cerin''' Cerin shook his head and settled down next to her.  "I have no idea what you've been up to, though I would love to see it."

'''Zahara''' The trip to the West is long, and rather quiet, on Zahara's part

''Zahara'' slows down a bit as they make the final approach - the island they had found long ago when first learning about the gates. A rather large, if plain building seems to have been erected there.

'''Cerin''' Cerin is quiet beside her, quite content to sit next to her in silence and think, perking up as they arrive to look out at the building, refraining from sending his vision forth to look through the building and spoil her surprise.

'''Cerin''' "Arn't you going to take us a little closer, my love?" he asked quietly, curious.

''Zahara'' chuckles, "Oh I suppose I could do that. She circles one last time and then lands neatly on the flat stone clearing in front of the large doors?

''Zahara'' emerges from the ship, and steps up to the door, undoing the lock and hauling the doors open. Inside, the light gleams on the sky-hued hull of the airship inside.

'''Cerin''' Cerin studies the doors with a small frown, wondering what is behind them. "You," he acuses, "are enjoying this ... Oh, that's certainly impressive, my love," his tone admiring.

''Zahara'' smiles, a genuine one that he hasn't seen in some time. "I got the schematics from Imrama, and the blessing from his father."

''Cerin'' kisses her, "Are you going to show me around?"

''Zahara'' feeds a bit of essence into a convenient panel on the wall, and the top of the building peels away, letting sunlight flood in. The ships, upon closer inspection are not only colored like the clouds, but made of them, The cabin is made of a windstorm, the interior lined with solid sunbeams.

'''Cerin''' "Zahara," he exclaims.  "This is ..."

'''Zahara''' "Do you like it?"

'''Cerin''' "It is wonderful."

''Zahara'' climbs up the stair to the deck, and perches on the rail. "I hope she flies."

'''Cerin''' "I am sure she will," he says as he ascends beside her, studying the vessel as he goes, occasionally tapping walls.

'''Zahara''' "She better," she looks sideways at him. "I've had enough unpleasant surprises to last a while."

''Cerin'' simply nods.  "It has been ... difficult ... recently."


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