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Summary: Freshly returned from Heaven, Cerin discusses his findings with Imrama.

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(:title The Shroud of Eternities:)


'''Cerin''' The Fable Of Reconstruction hovered just outside the unbreachable jade and adamant walls of Yu Shan, shining in the light of the setting sun which was making the dome itself burn in a thousand shades of fire.  A short way above the Fable there was a hole in the side of the wall, a pinprick in the grand scale of the wall, but more than enough to admit a man. It had been where Cerin had found entry to the heavenly city and where he was due to (...)

'''Cerin'''  exit.  An exit which should be soon.

'''Cerin''' Before Imrama and the crew upon the decks, suddenly Cerin appeared before them standing still, the first time he had stopped moving since exiting the Seralgio.  He's wearing a faintly pleased smile, his black armour and a cloak of blue and white patches, which ripples slightly in the breeze.

'''Cerin''' Or now.

''Imrama'' gives a start, and then smiles at his stealthy friend. "Cerin - that was quite an entrance, and quite a...dashing new cloak you've acquired!"

'''Cerin''' "Thank you, Imrama."

'''Imrama''' "Tell me, hunter, what have you found out in the hallowed halls of Yu-Shan? And most importantly, should we make any special haste in our departure?"

'''Cerin''' "No, there is no particular need to hurry, and in fact perhaps some reasons to stay for a short time.  But I have learned many things and seen many things that I do not yet understand."

'''Imrama''' "Did you learn anything of the fate of the imprisoned spirits?"

'''Cerin''' "Yes," he says briefly.  "It is now mine to decide."

''Imrama'' gives another start. "Oh. Have you decided then?"

As Imrama glances over Cerin's new cape, he notices the rather odd qualities that it possesses. The item as a whole has a name, of course -- "The Shroud of Eternities" -- but each patch also seems to have its own, if not name, then perhaps designation -- a non-verbal quality that distinguishes it from each other seemingly identical scrap.

'''Cerin''' "Not at present.  I know too little of the situation to pass judgement.  Killing them all would be a little hasty, I feel."

'''Imrama''' "I agree. What next, then?"

'''Cerin''' "I suppose that I will have to investigate just what drove them all to do it.  But first I would like to find out a little more about this cloak.  I have been interested in it ever since I saw it being sewn."

'''Imrama''' "Who was it sewed this 'Shroud of Eternities'? It is clearly a fine and powerful garment, if oddly common in basic description."

'''Cerin''' "The Five Maidens and Gaia.  It was one of the things I saw as I fell."

'''Cerin''' "Thank you though, for telling me its name."

''Imrama'' nods. "Happily."


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