Summary:Varanim asks Cerin to perform a somewhat invasive favor for her when the time is right.


Sol Invictus Logs

`Varanim Shortly before departing to interrogate her arm, Varanim pries up one of the Cascade floor tiles and scribbles directions below it in backwards handwriting to the overgrown forest shrine she'll be using. Within a day the room will be over Cerin's, and she reasons he'll either read the note through the ceiling or investigate when Zahara wants to know who's been messing with her slate.

`Cerin "I got your note," Cerin announces his presence to Varanim as he steps otherwise silently into the forest shrine she's been using.

`Varanim looks up from her work, which at the moment seems to involve extremely crude stick drawings and a half-empty bottle, and waves. "Did you bring your pictures from the Doctor visit?"

`Cerin "I thought they might be involved in the topic du jour," he nods. At his side appears the red and black jade of his cache egg. From this, he draws forth a series of rolled up drawings. Varanim might note as she inspects the other contents of the egg that it is now lacking the Perfect's Staff.

`Varanim raises her eyebrows but seems unusually focused on the subject at hand. "Easy questions first, did you see the Doctor doing anything naughty while he was looking over Spring's Essence?"

`Cerin "No, I would have mentioned that at the time," he says. "He was the soul of medical ethics."

`Varanim "Consistency is always nice. Now," she leans forward to scowl at the drawings, "Spring's Essence. Is the necrotic structure already large enough to cause a serious disruption when it's removed?"

`Cerin "That's a slightly tougher question, and one that having a doctor present would be handy for," he joins Varanim in studying, if not scowling, at the drawings.

`Varanim "Too bad that I'm not interested in talking to either of ours right now. This needs to be done as soon as possible before Calibration."

`Cerin "But in my unqualified medical opinion, and quite qualified Essential opinion, I think it's going to cause some trouble when it's pulled out."

`Varanim "Mm. I'm sure Lucent or Imrama will come up with something about the power of friendship to fix it; not really my department." She leans forward, tapping one of the pages. "Here's what I want to know. If Spring caught this by way of a necrotic finger, can he be used as a big finger for his necrotic sponsor?"

`Cerin "He's almost certainly an, ah 'Arcane Link' to his sponsor," Cerin uses the sorcerous term. "If it goes deeper than that ...Hmmm," he studies the pages.

`Varanim While Cerin ponders that, Varanim takes another look at the shape and progress of the disturbance, and considers whether it reveals anything of the sender of the contaminated mote.

`charlequin Crafty; insidious; malevolent; egotistical -- these are the hallmarks of one who would concoct such a plan as this.

`Varanim shakes her head after several minutes of dedicated glaring. "Still can't see who's behind this one. Assuming I can get the mote out, would it be useful to try to save it?"

`Cerin "It seems a little more responsible that allowing it to run free in Creation."

`Varanim "I avoid responsibility like sobriety, but I expect you can find something funny to do with it." She takes one last look over the plans, committing them to memory, then looks up. "There's one other favor I want."

`Cerin "Hmmm?" Cerin asks with raised eyebrow. Then as his sense of things unexpected warns him, "What is the favour you would ask of me?"

`Varanim "In the near future I'm going to need someone to cut my arm off. Would that be a problem for you?"

`Cerin Varanim is rewarded with a very rare sight. Cerin actually looking surprised, despite himself. The magic that was weaved into his being to warned him of surprises could only go far, it seems. "... As long as you hold reasonably still," he eventually comes up with. "Close in work is not my forte."

`Varanim trades it for another rare sight, a completely unsarcastic smile. "I think I can manage. I'll give you my notes on its original attachment, then." She smirks more normally. "I'd have asked Zahara, only I think she'd enjoy it too much."

`Cerin "She does have more experience in ... detachment of limbs," he allows himself to admit. His sense of internal honesty doesn't allow him to add a 'painless' into the sentence.

`Varanim "There's enough fiddly Essence bits attached to this one that I think I'll trust your vision, thanks." Briskly she reaches for her bottle. "I'll let the lot of you know as soon as I'm ready to try fixing Spring. Someone will have to volunteer to bring him along, since I doubt he'll let me tiptoe up behind him with a hammer these days."

`Cerin "No, I can't imagine why, though."

`Varanim "Some people are just skittish."


Sol Invictus Logs

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