Where the roots of ivy once lay, a star shines down on barren land -- and new growth arises where once the earth was salted. Tendrils wind in through the windows, and its thorns drink deeply of blood in the night. When the moon is full, its three blossoms open: in the heart of a queen, in the mind of a general, in the soul of a monk. ---- I'm pretty certain this is [[Therembold]], which is where the StranglingIvyRevolt occured. I'm not sure exactly what the blooms will do, but it sounds bad. I'm fairly certain the correspondence for people is as follows * Queen => [[Mnemon]] * General => TheRoseblack * Monk => [[Relovia]] * Do we know where [[Therembold ]]'s location corresponds to in the modern age; could it be connected in anyway with the literal blood-drinking vines of [[Lord's Crossing]]?
The Chosen Child of the VarangNation, born under the TrinitiDraconis "The lights of torches glint off of the child's golden skin, and upon her sternum, a mark: a golden serpent and a black one, entwined with one another." Who knows what she will do?
Earlier. In the halls of the Labyrinthine Cascade, all is quiet at first glance, for those who live there have gone. But in one meeting hall, a quiet gathering has been called. The messenger came an hour ago, and already, they have gathered. Ahoram is there, and Shining, and others... newer faces, but all clad together in the red and gold uniform of the Resplendent Sabres, and Serenal, grinning proudly at their head. And after a moment, the one they wait for arrives: a girl -- or a woman... her hair back, in a grand and glorious suit of Orichalcum armor that shines brilliantly, and a great lion's head at her neck. She lifts up the Eventide gently and smiles, before speaking: "Alright, everyone. It's time to go."
The pieces of the world are not what they once were.
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<<< After a timeless moment, CerinTheWolf remembers quite suddenly himself, bloody sword lying at his side, breathing heavily, tears and blood mingling upon his face -- gazing into the stars, all of the stars, as they fell one by one... until they were all falling... turning around, seeing soldiers, ~HIS soldiers, descending from the great cupola to capture him... he snatched back up the bloody sword.... <<< The bloody sword is the DayBreaker. *Why was [[Ymir]] wounded? //GeneralTalmuda offered no violence// *Why was [[Ymir]] crying? //because of the DeathOfTalmuda?// *Why was she even there? Perhaps she was consulting the OrreryOfLight? *The DayBreaker has appeared in her hands again. *How does she get from here to BiAllah, but lose the DayBreaker? *Was she wearing YmirsBadgesOfOffice? Was she wearing the GreyRing?
One of the five SolarSeals held by the members of the PerfectCircle [[Ymir]] took it with her to BiAllah to die, and it is now in CerinTheWolf's possession Inactive.
A green star shines, and the gates are flung open -- the earth shakes, the trees topple, the fields wither, and those who have died rise up to displace those who are living. ---- A Green Star is Liger, but why would he make the dead rise? A Green Star might also be the GreenLady, who would have ample reason to raise the dead.
** //From the top of the hill, a gruff voice calls out "Chosen of the Unconquered Sun, my master Seven Leaping Herons wishes to speak with you! I shall pledge by the power of the Eclipse Caste that no harm shall befall you here, if you lower your weapons for now." There is a pause, then "He will gladly discuss the return of your... rock if you choose to speak with him."//
In the deep south, among the dunes of the Black Lion Desert, three hundred miles of pure black volcanic sand stretch out under the darkening sky. As they have for thousands of years, the dunes lie there, unmoving, unshifting, serene. Until, one moment, there is.... '''A LIGHT'''. A spark, like brilliant white lightning, shines in the center of the desert. For twelve hours, without cease, it burns, a spot in a vast field of black, and it is... growing, until at the end of that time, it stretches out to cover five hundred yards... And then, that sand, suffused with brilliant Essence, begins to rise up, to shape itself, into the form of a vast, abstract face, its eyes glittering red, its mouth agape; and through it, a group of eleven: ten men, and one other: a tall mass of jagged plates, black metal with the sheen of wan ghostlight, with joints that scream as he walks. He says one thing only: "We have arrived."
Past, Present and Future Mysteries in Sol Invictus <<closeAll>> - <<permaview>> - <<refreshDynamic>>
Amongst the garden of the true light, eight stand. ---- A garden is where [[Flowers]] grow, but [[Flowers]] are such a mythically overloaded thing as to be almost useless to try and draw inference from. We were 8 at one point, but what is the garden?
A previous incarnation of [[Thirteen]]. BirdsOfTrinity has past-life memories of him: * jumping onto a spear (much like Thirteen's) and standing on it, smiling; * hanging upside down from a large tree; * and fighting amongst burning buildings of wood.
In the nation of Varang, along the southern coast of the Inland Sea, all that matters are the stars under which you are born. In the capital of Yane, the very streets are a chart of the skies. The Constellational Barracks ring the Twelve Houses of Planar Alignment at the border of the city, and within that run hundreds of earthen paths that align with the heavens, the opalescent and faintly glowing starstones moved by the astrosavants born when Jupiter sits amidst the Treasure Trove. Tonight is the third night of Calibration... but not just any Calibration. As the Sun fell behind the moon, the astrologers of Yane began to gather in the center of the city, in the Court of the Sun, for the event that was about to unfurl. The moon-hidden Sol bears a unique role in Varangian astrology; those born while the light of the sun is hidden from view take on a different destiny, their reading adjusted in a hundred ways to account for the great reversal. Just such an eclipse would already provide cause to gather. But today, the Triniti Draconis align about the Sun; an alignment that has not taken place in two thousand, four hundred, and eighty-seven years... At the center of the city, in the Courtyard of Sun and Moon, a thick crowd waits expectantly. At their center, a nervous woman lies atop a stone slab, seven imposing figures surrounding her. She tries to relax and focus on the task at hand. Ten minutes later, it is done, and the high priest of the city lifts an infant above his head. The lights of torches glint off of the child's golden skin, and upon her sternum, a mark: a golden serpent and a black one, entwined with one another. The high priest speaks: "The chosen child has come to us at last."
The jaws of bone and salt open to consume the world. The cold wind of death blows across every doorstep, and for a moment, no new life can be born. ---- Jaws Of Bone and Salt -> [[Auna]] This is when the 1 in 5 die?
The Other Realms! * Creation * BiAllah (aka Bi'Allah) * Tesearah * Autochthonia * Elysion * YuShan * Xara * Wherever The fruit of the Wasirranu comes from * Wherever Water from the Soulfont comes from * Malfaes * The Underworld * The Wyld
AKA Dragon of Salt and Bone Associated Deathlord: FirstAndForsakenLion Third Circle Souls: * Arashi Ascendant Hundredfold: Recumbent Hundredfold: Ija (creatures of water, encountered as Spectres in the far north)
In a castle of ruby, a man once condemned to death, now freed of his jailors, draws the army to himself that he wielded once before. In a lush sylvan metropolis, a cabal of ancient viziers plot the bitter end to an ancient design. On a vast island, a paradise built long ago roils in its secret heart from the influence of beauteous devils. And in the frigid wastes, a mortal man clings to life, his mind the home of a secret far grander than he. ---- I'm not very sure about this one, though if we assume it concerns the expanded Creation then ... * In a castle of ruby, a man once condemned to death, now freed of his jailors, draws the army to himself that he wielded once before. ** TheRedCitadel * In a lush sylvan metropolis, a cabal of ancient viziers plot the bitter end to an ancient design. ** OlaniWoods or ViridianHearth * On a vast island, a paradise built long ago roils in its secret heart from the influence of beauteous devils. * And in the frigid wastes, a mortal man clings to life, his mind the home of a secret far grander than he.
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* LocustCrusade * TheMaskMoves * TheSecondHerald * TheRealmShroudingGrid * LaiReachesTheBlessedIsle * ProblemsInChanta * RannathReappears * TheGamesOfDivinity * FindingLostCreation * RadiantSabersEmbark * ReturningHome * BreakingTheTiesThatBind * CarnivalOfMeeting * AChildIsBorn * [[Escape]] * [[Chiaroscuro]]
This barrier was keyed to [[Ymir]]'s Essence, and could only be openned by her shard, now residing in CerinTheWolf. Behind the barrier, she left only the NightSeal and a MessageToHerself scratched into the rock.
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In the halls of the Labyrinthine Cascade, a group of servants stop to chat. Their masters are away, and the dark fate that faces the world is far away from their sights... they stop to discuss what such people often do: the secret liasions and petty rivalries between their kind, the new goods for sale in the City, their plans for upcoming festivals... their innocent laughter echoes through the hall. When they split apart, some time later, they go back to their duties... all but one, who wends his way through the twisty corridors into the servant quarters, and opens a door silently. Zahara has not had reason to set foot in the servant quarters since they were completed, so she would not know that while the servants live several to a room, in family groups or youth dormitories, only one bed sits in this room. Though Cerin sees all that surrounds him, his seeking eyes slide carefully around around the Greater Sigils of the Rose, so he does not see the things scattered within: elaborate essence charts of the Cascade and its rulers; records of troop deployments; small items of clothing belonging to the Solars; three silver cords, one still knotted twice; scraps of paper with strange sigils upon them, and notes in every color; a silver cudgel, blood dried upon it from a single impact; strange crystalline objects and abstract statues of brass and iron and tiny planetariums that map the sky; and a single, purple nightshade. The servant moves to a closet, and throws it wide. He begins to remove his servant attire, his drab uniform and a false beard... and in that closet hang many other accoutrements: tiny pots of metallic facepaint and sheets of lizard scales, with leather straps; mons of Realm houses and sigils of Dragon-Blood rank; soldier's insignias and cheap iron weapons and boots; masks of many descriptions and bowls of sticks and earth and water and incense; fine silk robes and home-sewn outfits... and in one corner, a suit of heavy, orichalcum armor; dark makeup and face putty; a golden spear, wrought in the shape of a rising flame -- and a stuffed horse head upon a stick, like a toy a child might play with. The servant, dressed now only in simple red robes, sits down and looks at one of his sky-readers, and as the sun falls behind the moon, he begins to laugh.
The spirits of Creation, who seem to be united under the banner of the RedLily.
The walls of heaven crumble. ---- This doesn't sound good.
''Break In 1'' - RovashTheInfinite broke in for reconnaissance - to find exactly where he would have to stand (a storage room) to resurrect his fallen lover. Apparently the fae HordeFromTheNorth was also involved. * This happened while we were away, speaking with TheMaskOfWinters and helping him fend off an undead army. We met CerinTheWolf there. Excerpts: //"The barbarian leads the Solars to a room elsewhere in the manse. Upon the floor lie the cold bodies of two barbarians and a god-blood, along with a thin trail of blood and a scattering of bright red petals." // //<Cerin> "Perhaps he did, perhaps he did not. Anyone who watched this place would have known you left, and it would be the ideal time to enter. You must have enemies?"// //Zahara chuckles, "Never for long. But we did receive a disturbing missive from a Fae lord that he wished to take our lands. He offered to pay, but refused."// //<Zahara> "The alarm apparently sounded, but the Manse should be able to defend itself somewhat, especially if we are away for a war."// //<Cerin> "This is where they entered...or dropped some stealth magic I cannot see past..." He points to the middle of the room It seems to be a storeroom of some kind, though mostly empty "They are obviously possessed of some skill at stealth magics then, or else they can teleport"// //Zahara raises an eyebrow, "There aren't even any windows in there. There's no way he could have gotten in without tripping the sensors."// //"They stood taller than any man, and bore the appearance of spun glass, trimmed with ebon wood. There were seven of them, and they struck with no warning, swarming out from the forest and striking down several of the sentries before we could bear upon them." "One bore a scarf which was tens of feet long, yet which flew perfectly in the air so as not to burden him; it bore on it this symbol." She sketches a half-circle with what appears to be scribbling within. "It was much more elaborate, I'm afraid; I cannot do it true justice."// //<Zahara> "Hmmm sounds like the horde to the North. They don't usually come down this far, especially into MY territory. I'll have to teach them a lesson."// ** ''See SI 5, [[LooseEnds|http://wiki.stryck.com/pmwiki.php/Exalted/SI5LooseEnds]]''
A golden child, born under a black sky; her skin like brilliant copper near an open flame, four arms grasping wih the focus of one wise beyond her years. ---- * TheUnconqueredSun reborn? * The ChosenOfTheVarang? * both?
This GreyRing is made of Starmetal. It gifted to [[Ymir]] after she put down the StranglingIvyRevolt, by AnotherFactionOfSidereals (not the one [[Herons]] is part of), according to [[Herons]] anyway. It is waiting for a SpecialAlignmentOfStars when it will do something.
Readings taken from the Orrery Of Lights by Cerin # [[Reading01]] # [[Reading02]] # [[Reading03]] # [[Reading04]] # [[Reading05]] # [[Reading06]] # [[Reading07]] # [[Reading08]] # [[Reading09]] # [[Reading10]] # [[Reading11]] # [[Reading12]] # [[Reading13]] # [[Reading14]] # [[Reading15]] # [[Reading16]] # [[Reading17]] # [[Reading18]] # [[Reading19]] # [[Reading20]] # [[Reading21]] # [[Reading22]] # [[Reading23]] # [[Reading24]] # [[Reading25]] # [[Reading26]] # [[Reading27]] # [[Reading28]] # [[Reading29]] # [[Reading30]] # [[Reading31]] # [[Reading32]] # [[Reading33]] # [[Reading34]] # [[Reading35]] # [[Reading36]] # [[Reading37]] # [[Reading38]]
Two grey wolves battle, at the foot of a vast, empty golden throne. They strike at one another, and their fur is matted red with blood. Finally, one falls beneath the other's strikes, and the victor rips out its throat -- and then, hot blood still fresh on its muzzle, falls atop its victim in silence. ---- Wolfs are uncommon in SI. There is CerinTheWolf, there is [[Akuna]], there is the HundredFold species. * Why would CerinTheWolf and [[Akuna]] be fighting below an EmptyThrone? * Does it belong to TheUnconqueredSun? Or ZaharaZhan? * If it is CerinTheWolf, why is he grey?
[[Ymir]] has 4 badges of office: *YmirsDeliberativePin *YmirsShadowsResplendentPin *YmirsChrysanthemumPin, and the *NightSeal According to [[Arexus]], the badges are the keys to the Solar [[ToolsofGoverance]], though he doesn't know what those are. Ymir rids herself of the badges, but not the [[NightSeal]], before the [[DeathOfTalmuda]]. They are returned to [[CerintheWolf]] by the [[Sidereals]], minus [[YmirsShadowsResplendentPin]].
This basically ends up being the whole log, but moved around a little bit and subtitled. ''The First View of Rathess'' The cloud of dust rises out of a massive city of gold and white, slightly hidden by a valley amongst the jungle trees. Its walls stand in a perfect circle, and it is clearly divided into eight identical sections. In the very center, dust and smoke rises out of a hole nearly half a mile across. <Cerin> "The city was there...there did used to be a pyramid too, however" Zahara swoops down below most of the smoke and dust, eyeing the crater. "More starmetal?" The hole is no mere crater; even flying straight overhead, Zahara can see no bottom to the huge shaft drilled into the center of the city. Upon closer inspection, the city was clearly wondrous in the first age -- but it has fallen into great disrepair. Several of the great towers that stood above it have collapsed, and rubble and weeds fill the streets. The huge hole at the center of the city is clearly new; the rock on the sides shows the signs of recent shearing. It seems to plunge downwards, in a more or less straight line, for at least many miles. The towers are great elongated pyramids, each with a dome and a spire atop them. The high levels bear platforms and mechanisms similar to those seen at a First Age seaport -- they seem to be intended for skyships of some kind to dock. As Rannath rides through the city, he can see that though the city lies in ruins, it is not without life. In the side streets, reptilian figures dart and weave -- seeming to be heading to the same location as the Solars. Markuran can get a better look at the lizard creatures from above -- they are man-sized, with a bipedal but angular posture -- they seem to move with an alarming swiftness. On one side of the hole, opposite where Rannath stands, a group of the lizard men appears. Most appear as bestial and mindless as the others. One, however, at their lead, looks different. It wears a simple robe of white, with the insignia of the sun emblazoned in brilliant gold across it. On each arm, elaborate claw bracers of golden metal gleam. It seems to be carefully examining the holes, and the other lizards seem to be following it. //Zahara Finds an ArtifactSled in Rathess while the rest is going on// <<slider chkTestSlider ArtifactSled ArtifactSled "ArtifactSled">> ''Upon Meeting The Dragon Kings'' <Markuran> "Lizard-creatures! If you speak, be warned that you face Markuran the Great Bear, born of the Lakewalkers, chosen of the Sun himself!" The Dragon-King looks up to the brilliant Solar displays across the hole. He stares for a moment, then begins to circumnavigate the obstacle, moving towards the Solars. The Dragon-King, and his retinue of bestial followers, arrives near Rannath's location. It stops one hundred feet away, and stares at Rannath for several moments, making no other motion. Markuran repeats his message in Riverspeak, then Old Realm. If they don't answer they must not be very smart.. Birds-of-Trinity calls out a greeting in the several languages she is familiar with. ''The Solars Meet SsithumiAnHotep'' The Dragon-King draws closer to the three Solars. Upon closer inspection, it can be seen that its eyes glow a deep red -- and leave paths in the air when its head moves. Its entire body glows with a slight, almost unnoticeable aura. "Chosen of the Unconquered Sun, why do come today of all days to the city of Rathess -- the city you let fall into ruin and die?" it -- she, apparently -- calls out in an unusually mellifluous voice. "Of course I speak, Chosen. Do you not know of your history? Would you ask a scion of one of the Hundredfold if it can speak?" ''Ssithumi knows of our Past Lives'' <Ssithumi> "Birds-of-Trinity. Is that what you call yourself today? I knew you once. You will not remember Ssithumi, or Ssithumi-an-Tohatep as we are now, however." Rannath trots forward, slowly, still giving off that blinding radiance. "They dwell here. It is theirs." Ssithumi looks over the other two. "I have not met you before, Spear-bearer." <Markuran> "You have met me ?" Ssithumi turns to look at Markuran, then seems to shake for a moment. "I..." she rapidly turns back to Rannath. "And your name, Chosen?" <Rannath> "My past existed farther west than this place, so I am not surprised. You name me correctly, though, for I am Rannath of the Spear." Markuran eyes the lizard-woman hard, wondering what *that* meant. "What did that mean?" Ssithumi pointedly ignores Markuran's comment. "I believe I can guess the reason why you have descended upon my home on this day," she says, gesturing behind her to the hole. Markuran furrows his brown, the solar flares around him darkening slightly with tinges of blue instead of the normal golds and bronzes. "Ssithumi-an-Tohatep, I have asked you a question. Answer it or deny me an answer straight, do not dishonor me by ignoring my words." Markuran's old realm syllables come out sharply formed and perfectly ennunciated, though slow. It sounds as if he carved each one from stone before speaking it. Ssithumi turns to Markuran and glares, her eyes flaring brighter red. "I will justify you, Kiriath the Deceiver, only the answer that I am shocked to see your soul continue to live in this world, rather than rot in the deepest pits of hell." Turning away, Ssithumi turns to another lizard and begins speaking in a strange, clicky tongue. After a second, it steps forward and raises up one foreclaw. Markuran blinks. "I have always been a hero of the Sun." his voice is low and definantly unhappy. Birds-of-Trinity pitches her voice to carry to Ssithumi's ears without having to speak loudly. "I wonder who I have been, before..." ... She turns to Birds. "Alahwi, have you never seen such a thing in this lifetime?" Birds-of-Trinity gasps and reels a little, the name hitting her like a physical blow. "It has been...too long, since I have been called by that," she says, in uncharacteristic tones. It is a moment before Birds-of-Trinity realizes that she does not recognize the language she just spoke. <Ssithumi> "It is a fitting name for you, Chosen." Ssithumi thinks for a moment. "I suppose your current name is acceptable as well." Birds-of-Trinity decides not to ask what the name means. Not yet, anyway. ''The Sky Cannon'' <Ssithumi> "Do you have any more information than I do about its cause?" <Ssithumi> "Then you do not know where the sky cannon has fled to?" Above the dragon's claw appears an image -- accurate to the smallest detail. It shows the city, before the beam struck it. //After a moment, in the image, a giant construction begins to float above the city -- a vicious eight-pronged star, glowing gold and silver, with jade trim across its surface, and one vicious-looking blade jutting downwards, towards the earth. The blade begins to glow -- then, suddenly, the beam which could be seen from miles away shoots down, obliterating the central pyramid. The vision ends.// <Ssithumi> "That was, indeed, the sky cannon." ''The Skyship is seen - and attacked - by the others'' The skyship shoots rapidly out of the tower, moving with an ease unlike anything Zahara has ever experienced before. Markuran turns in a flash, arms upraised to fend off an attack as the huge artifact heaves itself into the air. "Sol's nuts! What is that!" //(the battle continues in ArtifactSled)// Ssithumi speaks to Birds and Rannath. "So you have never seen the like of such a thing. It is for the best. The world is better off without such things." <Ssithumi> "I take it you have no knowledge of who commanded it, then." <Rannath> "I do not. It is an unusual construction." <BirdsOfTrinity> "It is new to me. I don't have many memories of the lives before my most recent death." Birds says this offhandedly, but falters at "death." Ssithumi says, "I know not the purpose of those who made this attack, but it was clearly for malevolent purposes. I know of some of the things which live under this city.... and I would prefer that they remain there." Rannath sighs as he watches the entire show out of the corner of his eye. "And what direction did this sky cannon go in?" <Ssithumi> "We could not see -- the light blinded us for long enough for it to disappear." ''Look out!'' Ssithumi suddenly shouts "Solars, look out!" and violently pushes Birds from her current location. Where Birds stood just moments before, a huge ball of fire strikes violently into the ground, sending tiny flame gouts off in every direction. Birds finds herself on the ground, with Ssithumi collapsed atop her. //Zahara circles back towards the city, her first ride now marred forever.// Birds-of-Trinity catches her breath and helps Ssithumi up. "Thank you." //Unbeknowst to the arguing Solars in the skyship, a trio of spiritual beings have materialized in the air above the others; one angrily curses her poor aim.// //A ten-armed, winged woman made of pure red flame, a large, squat man draped in hundreds of animal furs, and a bear with insect wings and tusks begin to descend from the air, towards Birds, Ssithumi, and Rannath.// As the ship turns to return to Rathess, suddenly the scene becomes visible to those inside -- the gods become manifestly visible. Markuran snarls at Zahara. "Well, turn this demon-ship against them instead of me. And get low enough I can jump out." Birds-of-Trinity tenses into a combat stance upon seeing the assailant gods. ''The Three Gods are Cerin's Old Friends?'' ''//Cerin condenses into pure rage "ZAHARA GET US TO THE CITY!! I WILL EAT HIS SOUL!!"//'' //"You shouldn't have COME here, Solars. [[The Lily|TheRedLily]] can't have you interfering with its plans so SOON!" shouts the furred man, in a horrificly twisted voice.// <Cerin> "That ...THING destroyed my town" Cerin goes white, the rage now crystalising as he hears that boom out over the battlefield ''Fight!'' <Zahara> "Buttons! Buttons!" Cerin touches the wheel, offering the console all the motes it wants, trying to activate all its destructive weapons to blow the bear god from the sky Birds-of-Trinity flicks a sevenfold spear of black-gold light at the butterfly-bear in one elegant motion of her weapon. <Zahara> "Mark, go back to the hatch and I'll drop you on a demon. From the front of the vessel, a massive gout of Essence flame shoots out, striking the unsuspecting bear directly upon its back, singing its delicate wings. It drops to the ground with an angry yowl. <Zahara> "YEAH!" Even falling through the air, the bear is surprisingly nimble -- it manages to twist out of the way of several of Birds' solar arcs, though not effectively enough to avoid every one of them. The remainder strike it full-on, and it yowls again. The fur-wearing god draws out a great axe and brings it up to attempt to deflect Rannath's blows. He seems to almost have the edge, but Rannath gives the slightest push and drives past his defenses, striking the god with his glowing spear. The woman of fire sneers at the Solars, then turns around and lobs another fireball directly into the path of the oncoming skyship. The fur-wearing god staggers back momentarily under Rannath's harsh blows. Zahara angles the machine humming beneath her towards the monsters, and it responds to her requests, skimming along just above them, out of reach of their arms. Her eyes widen as the fireball puts a wrench in her plans, and she veers sharply upward, returning the favor as her weapons continue on straight, aiming for the god's face and wings. The bell rings, but follows the ship like an obedient puppy instead of going into range of the gods. <Zahara> ::Meanwhile, Tantamount roars from the ledge, and flings its poisoned spines at the offending gods "What happens to those who harm my mistress?":: The ship veers up, avoiding the oncoming fireball by mere inches. The bear struggles forward to claw at Birds, but, moments before reaching her, collapses in the dirt, a sigh of epic proportions escaping its beary lips. The woman of fire dodges nimbly to avoid Zahara's floating weapons, but not nimbly enough -- two strike home on her, just before she is shocked by the stunning sound of the bell. The fur-clad man suddenly swings his axe behind his head, somehow deflecting the sound of Zahara's eerie bell. The icy hammer swings through the elemental's midsection, freezing her ghostly flames solid as it passes through. A huge portion of her midsection falls out and clatters to the ground below. Markuran throws himself from the hatch of the skyship, diving toward the fur-covered man. With a smack of flesh hitting flesh, Markuran impacts the furry man. Quickly the big man places his feet squarely against its spine and wraps his thick arms around its neck. Standing up and pulling back with all his might, might that has shattered stone and steel in the past. Markuran uses the god as a cushion for his landing against the city streets. Thought the impact jars his legs and shatters the road in to a rain of not-stone, the god’ spine and neck suffer even more, shattered as its body bends almost in half under Markuran’s pressure. Zahara clears the gods and turns the ship in a narrow arc to get back on target The man's axe seems to move almost with a speed of its own, interposing itself between his body and Mark's vicious blows. Under the force of Mark's redoubled blows, however, even the axe gives way, letting two more blows strike home. The fur-clad man spits up shining blood under the weight of Mark's fists, and more blood drips out from the gaping wounds dealt to his frame. As he bleeds, however, some of the furs begin to shift and attach themselves to his body, covering the wounds and joining with his skin. Markuran hauls the fur-covered god into the air and hoists him overhead, throwing him across the street to slam into the base of a tower. Racing after, Mark picks up one of the newly-created boulders carefully places it under the disoriented god's head. Then, smiling, the big Solar slams the God's head down onto the stone, his fist becoming a true hammer to temper the god's skull. As he flies through the air, the furred god howls, and swings his axe in a circle. Two new blades extend out of it, and it begins to glow. Under further blows, the god's furs almost entirely fuse to his body, and a few begin to rot and fall off. ''The Lily?'' <Zahara> "Cerin... who's the Lily?" She asks while maneuvering the ship towards the flaming god-thing. She keeps an eye out for any fireballs being flung her way, her nerves on hair-trigger as she acts to protect her precious ship. Cerin doesnt answer as he abandons the console now, racing out of the ship, calling a bow of solar flame as he does, he leaps onto the waiting wasp, digging his heels into its side cruelly as he drives it toward the fur-wearing god, drawing three arrows of solar flame and vengance across his bow. "I have killed you once before, Axhelm, this time I will eat of your soul!" and with that he lets the arrows fly, each one blazing brighter than the last as they plunge into the god <Zahara> "Oh, sure. Now how am I going to fire the weapons?" she grumbles Zahara risks a quick glance at the weapon console Cerin's arrows strike true, the weakening parries of Axhelm offering little resistance to them -- they pluge deep into his heart. The god lets out a horrific scream, enough to rattle the bones of the dead, as his soul is consumed utterly from within by the purifying light of the Unconquered Sun, and reduced to mere ashes. Cerin shudders as he drinks in the essence from the fallen god, breathing heavily. Rannath hits the ground mounted, turns, and charges towards the winged being of fire. His spear, once bladed with captive fire, is now encased in Solar light. A great golden bull charges up into the air at the fire-goddess, and Rannath bursts out of it with spear twirling for a pair of quick blows. Markuran leaves the last goddess to the others as he picks up and admires the dead god's axe. Studying it from every angle, Mark decides to keep it unless Cerin claims it as a death-trophy. Rannath's blows strike the fire elemental directly where she was deeply wounded by Zahara's icy hammer -- wounding her so deeply that her essence collapses and dissipates into loose wisps of flame. ''They Are No More.'' Cerin very carefully and calmly fires essence arrows at the corpses of the gods, drinking the last dregs of their lives for evermore. Cerin stalks across to the pile of ash, long ribbons of red silk billowing about him in his rage. "the Axe" Cerin snatches the Axe from marku's hands. Then he turns north and bellows out in old realm "LAI! I will hunt you unto close of your days! Until my arrows pierce you flesh! Until my arrows drink your blood! Until my arrows end your life!" the silken bands of his armour billow around him in the winds taking his declaration Markuran was about to hand it over when Cerin snatched it. Looking annoyed, Mark turns away to find some other trophy ''The Aftermath'' Ssithumi speaks to Rannath. "I suppose these beings were likely involved in the strike upon my city." <Rannath> "It appears likely. Have you heard of a being called 'Lily'?" <Ssithumi> "No, the name is unfamiliar to me. But I have slept these past thousand years; I am not well versed in current events." Rannath nods, spear-flame dimming to a small glow. "We will investigate this thoroughly. Are you the ruler of Rathess, or is there another?" <Ssithumi> "I am the only surviving elder of Rathess, and I am the last tribal spirit enabled to form /olchilike/. All the others were killed by stasis malfunctions, or lost to the depredations of Filial Wisdom. So you might say that I am the ruler, yes." <Markuran> "What's a Filial Wisdom?" "...Filial Wisdom was once like you, until he became Chosen by a forbidden god. I watched my brood-brothers and sisters die at his hands as he cackled with glee. Finally, I slew him, and took these" -- she raises her arms, showing off her claw gauntlets -- "as my trophy." Rannath nods solemnly. "Death is the only reward for a kin-slayer. Your deed was righteous and you honor the Unconquered One with it." <Ssithumi> "Indeed. As, I take it, does your companion." She gestures towards Cerin. <Rannath> "We all carry vengeance in our hearts, towards the usurpers, their foul religion.." <Cerin> "Thank you, Dragon King" he speaks in a strange tongue, offering her a slight bow Cerin seems to have calmed since his vengeful shout, his eyes just displaying a certain coldness ''An Alliance'' Rannath bows. "But I digress. My Circle is in possession of a nearby land, and unless they have any particular objections, we would be honored if Rathess and the Sunlands could form an alliance of friendship." <Ssithumi> Ssithumi laughs, a strange reptilian laugh. "It is foolish for the powerless queen of a savage ruin to offer alliance and friendship with a great nation. Nonetheless, I choose to do so." Rannath removes his helm, revealing his burning Dawn castemark, and extends his free hand. "I can think of a number of more powerful allies, but none worthier." Ssithumi bows to Rannath for his great gesture of respect. ''Meanwhile... And now to land...'' Zahara finds herself flying towards no foes, and her mind turns to the next-most-important thing. "Huh. I wonder how to land this thing." Zahara cuts the acceleration a bit, keeping the ship steady Zahara eyes the tower dubiously Zahara shakes her head and looks for a rather large clearing instead. "This is going to be interesting. What's the saying? 'It's not the fall I'm afraid of, it's the landing'?" Zahara circles around her chosen clearing, and cuts the engine further, decreasing her acceleration as smoothly and slowly as possible. Zahara offers a prayer to the Wind Elementals of the area, and the Earth ones, just in case she meets them up-close and personally. She then eases the ship down, down toward the waiting Earth. In her mind, it goes like this: The ship floats down on wings of essence, and coasts to a perfect stop midway down the clearing, not even tearing up the turf. Zahara claps with delight as it does indeed happen almost like she'd planned it. The grass gets a bit torn up, but no other harm is done. She pats the ship affectionately on the console. "I must do this again." Zahara eyes the distance between the ship and the city, and calls upon Tanty to transport her. The manticore reluctantly complies, complaining in his roundabout ways, that she likes the ship more than him. "Don't be silly, Tanty. You know I love you. Why else would I tolerate your constant riddles?" ''Reunited - So what happened?'' Zahara eventually lands amidst dead god parts and dismounts, "So, what's going on?" Rannath smiles, and turns to Zahara. "We have a new ally." Zahara eyes the lizard woman thing. "....we do?" Rannath nods, and mounts. "We do." Zahara hmms. "Well, I'm keeping the ship. As a peace offering." Cerin shakes his head at Zee Rannath tenses. "I'm sure you can *ask*, Zahara." Zahara sighs "... if that's allright with YOU, of course." Zahara smiles sweetly <Ssithumi> "That is acceptable to me," Ssithumi states calmly. Rannath inclines his head to Ssithumi. "Thank you. If you require aid, our capital city and Manse is a short distance to the northwest." ''Questions questions'' <Cerin> "Are there no other dragon kings like yourself, Ssithumi?" he smiles "Your merging of spirit and flesh is a most interesting effect" he speaks again in the strange tongue <Zahara> "Excellent. So. What city is this? And do you have a name?" <Markuran> "Did you..you make those?" points vaguely at some giant flowers that seem to be glowing and crawling around the city, fixing things. Ssithumi answers the Solars in turn. "I thank you for the offer of aid; I may require it someday. As for others: we were once the chosen champions of my people, merged with spirit to serve a higher calling. But all the other gods who could perform such a merging are dead now." Finally, looking at Zahara: "This is Rathess and I am Ssithumi, as your companions already know." ''More First Age Incarnations'' She stares at Zahara for a moment more, then whispers "Talmuda? Interesting...." Cerin bows "I am apologise for not introducing myself, I am Cerin the Wolf, Hunter of the Empty Forest" Zahara pulls herself together a bit, still riding the high of flying in a big chunk of metal without knowing how. "Ahh, pleased to meet you. My name is Zahara Zhan." she curtsies politely. "You have quite a beautiful city. I can clearly see its glory still shines." Ssithumi turns to Cerin and says "I knew you once as Ymir. You have suffered much since then, I am afraid. Nonetheless, it is a pleasure to meet you again." Markuran mutters in Riverspeak about the snooty lizard lady who likes everyone but him. Then to Zahara, saying "I thank you for the compliments. I would... like it very much if you might assist me in rebuilding it, someday." <Rannath> "I seem to be the only stranger here." The ugly, yet intensely charismatic Solar's face splits into a wry grin, as he watches the group speak. Cerin blinks "I would speak with you later about this, if I may?" in the high holy speech <Ssithumi> "You may, Cerin. I would like that greatly." Zahara 's eyes alight again, but she smoothly replies, "I would love to help you with this project. I believe both of us could learn much from eachother, and this city." inside she's jumping up and down, trying to imagine all the possible secrets she'll unearth in the process. <Ssithumi> "That is most heartening, Zahara." Markuran sighs and asks Zahara, in riverspeak, to ask the lizard thing about helping with Sharpglade. Zahara looks at Markuran in surprise, then looks around, notices the crazy flower things and nods to herself, "I would like it if you would assist us with helping shape our forest back in the Sunlands, as well. You seem to have quite the expertise working with plants. Unless, of course, those grew that way." she gestures to them <Ssithumi> "Of course. Once I have trained more of my nieces and nephews" -- she gestures to the barbaric dragon-kings -- " I will be happy to assist." Zahara looks them over and ponders, "Perhaps Rannath can help? He is quite experienced in training troops. He may be able to teach other lessons, or at least assist you." <Rannath> "My teaching skills are trifling, but I am available if you so desire." ''Raise Them Up'' <Ssithumi> "I would be very happy to have your assistance. It is said that the Solars were once able to raise our young from barbarism. Perhaps you will discover this lost art." <Zahara> "There may be something in my library. I shall look for a solution in the histories." <Ssithumi> "Thank you." Ssithumi straightens up, and gestures to the city. "You are welcome to my hospitality while you remain here. None will attack you, and you may make use of any surviving quarters, and take any objects you wish. I look forward to speaking to you again soon." <Zahara> "No, thank YOU!" Ssithumi grins, then walks away, leading her entourage of dragon-kings. <Zahara> "I like her," she comments in Riverspeak. <Markuran> "She doesnt like me." the big man sounds sulky. Rannath grins wider, and turns his horse. "She does seem to have quite a bit of good sense, yes." <Zahara> "I'm sure you'll grow on her." Cerin nods "I have never seen a being quite like her.." <Zahara> "Is it the scales?" Cerin shakes his head "Her essence...a spirit...but one entity, a perfect fusion"
Who are you kidding? Enemies? We have no enemies. Everyone loves us. -C-
Five SolarSeals held by the members of the PerfectCircle in the FirstAge: DawnSeal - Held by [[Rosada]]. - Last seen with the ScarletEmpress. Probably in Malfaes now. NightSeal - Held by [[Ymir]] - Currently in the possession of CerinTheWolf ZenithSeal - Held by KiriathTheDestroyer - Currently held by...? TwilightSeal - Held by BlackIris - Currently held by ThirteenBloomingFlowers EclipseSeal - Held by [[Askaru]] - Currently held by ...? ** Iallu nods at the others. "One seal was taken by Ymir beyond the bounds of the world (Night). One is held by Malfeas(Dawn). One was stolen before it could be disposed of (Eclipse). The last two were hidden; one was found(Zenith), the other not.(Twilight)" * rosada takes the dawn seal, somehow it wends its way to the scarlet empress * the remaining three are brought back to the capital * and the sidereals try to work out what to do with them * before they get a chance to do ANYTHING, the eclipse seal disappears * then they take the last two, hide one in Xara and the other inside the mountain * somebody, at some point, steals the one in the mountain * then just now you guys get the one in Xara * and that is all the info you have [18:33] <Thirteen> so our whole basis of planning is totally screwed up then [18:33] <Thirteen> because there is no seal in the mountain? [18:33] <Thirteen> and also kiriath has no idea where the missing seal is, because the seal he had is the one he empress got [18:34] <Thirteen> I guess we still need to break into the mountain to find out WHERE the fucker went [18:34] <alsoquin> and inside the mountain is definitely the only place that clues exist about where the seal went next
In the swirling fabric of the Tapestry, outside the borders of Meru, is something: a being. Once, he was called Esara-o, and Nijan, and twenty-seven other names, and he was an artisan, loved beyond all others in his world, a master of expressions never dreamed by any other. When his people were driven from their home, he rallied them and drew them across a great desert, and stood proudly as they made a new home together. Then he was cast down by his grandchildren, twisted and staked and chained and left hanging in eternal torment. Now he bears one title alone: Malfeas, the Demon City. Deep within his form lie those who were his companions, once. Like a shadow across the Green Sun is the one once known as Nyx, called by humans the Ebon Dragon. When they crossed the Tapestry in Exile, Malfeas was a great leader; Nyx was a child. He grew to adulthood in the Tapestry, away from Osa, his home... apart from all things that gave shape to the Ka. As such, he was always... different than the others; he never took on the morals and beliefs of his kin, and filled his mind instead with near-animal cunning. His cousins feared him, found him upsetting... but they tasked him with their escape Nyx had chiseled at a point in the Demon City for five thousand years, undaunted, mindless, like a feral infant. Malfeas had groaned, shifted with the pain, but he had continued on. Today, as he knew he would, he struck through... and a hole, no larger than a pin, opens between Malfeas and the rushing, churning Wyld beyond. In but a moment, the ebon smoke that is Nyx begins to pass through that hole, corroding and burning it, and Malfeas bucks and moans in pain anew... and then, he is through. And the firmament shakes. For Nyx huddled, trapped, in his prison; but he also lay astride Creation, tangled in its branches and gnawing on its roots... And as he flows out beyond his prison, his body writhes, his jaw snaps, his eyes burn. The world shakes, in preparation for his arrival.
Ularis was an incarnation of KaiBuckthorn, like so: # Rosada : Ularis -> FirstAndForsakenLion / Rosada -> KaiBuckthorn ---- A First-Age vision of Ularis from a crystal in Rathess A short distance from the two, a man stands, clad entirely in shining golden armor, and bearing aloft a great sword. His long hair blows lightly in the wind, and his handsome face shows both hope and determination.> Behind him, a great army, large enough to fade off towards the edges of the recording. At its head stand magnificent squadron leaders in glorious, brightly colored armor of their own, each flanked by standard bearers and horn blowers. Each banner is emblazoned with the sigil of the Unconquered Sun. The man raises his sword, and begins speaking to his men, readying them for battle. The far horizon, which a moment before showed clear blue sky, darkens as some sort of rapidly moving cloud crosses it, heading rapidly towards the army. He turns around again, facing the rapidly approaching cloud, and raises his sword up. "Ara lejonti tumeru invictus sol!" he shouts. The army screams a deafening response. The cloud grows yet closer. It twists and turns in a sickening manner; strange red glows seem to glint off of it in places. "Rayaaaaaho!" he cries, and drops his sword; thousands, tens of thousands of arrows all fly at once, towards the oncoming mass. The cloud is now close enough that the two can begin to distinguish its composition from numerous individual figures, human-ish sized, though their speed and distance makes any more detail difficult to fathom. The arrows shoot up, straight and true, into the cloud, trailing brilliant trails of solar essence as they fly. They disappear into the cloud, and a few of the mass seem to drop out of the cloud and begin spiralling towards the ground; the losses, however, are few compared to the great size of the cloud. The Solar general looks at this, and swallows hard. He raises his sword and calls out for the army to draw again. The cloud draws closer, and suddenly, it seems to shift -- there is a great forward motion from the rear parts of the cloud, and an intangible quality seems to ripple forward through. When it reaches the front of the cloud, it explodes outward and downward -- an unearthly spray of vicious, white-hot glowing shards of steel, thousands flying at unearthly speeds through each foot of air. They first strike the ground in front of the army, and score it deeply -- each shard strikes with the force to dig a hole a foot or more in size. Dirt and grass fly up into the air as the earth itself is destroyed under the assault. As the spray pushes toward him, the Solar again cries out to fire. Seconds later, as the second volley of arrows flies, the front line of the army meets the front line of the metal shards, and blood and flesh join the dirt and grass that is flung into the air. Moments before the second volley strikes the aalorai themselves, as their weapons tear through the army with little difficulty, something happens to the display -- it frazzles, and ends suddenly. ----
The bottom of the valley rises up, bucking and bending like a wild animal, and Thirteen briefly catches the stars of the Scythe razing through, ending the last light cast by the Effigy. Then, from the darkness, the light of the Spiral rises up from below, spinning at a fierce clip, and as it does so, tiny golden motes are flung free; where each one lands on the invisible ground at Thirteen's feet, tiny golden flowers blossom. --- The Scythe -- tasks done from necessity, justified murder. The Effigy -- piety, good people who died too soon. The Spiral -- the cycles of life, expected and gradual change. The light left by the Effigy is from ThirteensVision02 -- whatever it is, the Scythe suggests we should, uh, kill it. The motes falling from the Spiral and the flowers are TheRain -- cf. [[Reading26]].
Sol Invictus Clue Wiki (STATIC COPY)
In the city of Chanta, a finely dressed man waits in a large room, as the prisoners are brought in. There are ten of them, he notices; none of them are older than twenty. They attacked a group of soldiers, the guard bearing the prisoners in informs him. They were freedom fighters. I see, says the finely dressed man. There is only one thing to be done here, of course, but he takes his time in doing it. When he is done, nine of the prisoners are dead, and the last is set free, to wander upon the treetop streets of Chanta. The finely dressed man is not concerned that anything the remaining prisoner will do will cause him any problem. He smiles. But three hours later, as the sun hangs eclipsed in the sky, that man stalks through the Haltan jungle in very different clothes, naught but thin pelts and animal skins protecting him from the elements. He runs quickly, dashing through the trees with a practiced ease, and he does not stop to look at anything he passes. One hour later, he arrives at his destination, an unassuming copse of trees. As he walks, he shifts, changes; where the man stood a moment ago, now there is only a brilliant silver wolf, its eyes filled with cruel intelligence. It pads across the grove, towards the far side. There is something there, the only sign that humans have ever set foot here; a weathered stick juts out of the earth, and two others are lashed across it with vines. And from those sticks, two things hang: a moonsilver necklace of beads, and a single, grey hawk feather. The wolf sits unmoving before the monument for several minutes, betraying nothing by his actions. And then, as a great cloud passes out from in front of the ecliptic sun, the wolf -- the man -- lets out a chilling howl.
The fourth sign comes, augured by the thoughts of the people -- and in its wake, no laws remain to be broken. ---- Oh dear.
Whee. ''The Towers of Rathess'' The towers are great elongated pyramids, each with a dome and a spire atop them. The high levels bear platforms and mechanisms similar to those seen at a First Age seaport -- they seem to be intended for skyships of some kind to dock. Zahara's touch causes one of the machines to spring instantly to life -- a seemingly immovable portion of the platform begins to warp and unfold, as if to provide a convenient landing space for a flying vehicle. Zahara slides off the monster, completely ignoring the ruckus below, and crawls around the machinery, trying to figure out how it works. The Essence machinery in the tower is unlike anything Zahara has ever worked with before. It seems to be a deeply elaborate matrix of Essence flows, arranged to interact with one another and provide multiple possible responses to any input. Zahara tries activating it a couple of different ways, pushing and prodding any levers or buttons that look promising Zahara finds that the mechanism can be easily configured even by a novice user to accept all manner of vehicles, as well as to provide a stable walking space and to open the doorway to the tower. <Cerin> "This tower looks rather empty...perhaps we should try a different one?" <Zahara> "That's absolutely fascinating. See how easily it works?" Cerin nods "The flows are so precise" Zahara glances over the edge of the balcony, sees no blood being shed yet, and hops back onto Tanty. "Yes, yes.. another tower." They take off and check out another one. ''Discovery'' In this tower, an intact skyship sits, gathering dust but otherwise intact. Zahara 's eyes widen and take on a gleam of avarice. "It's beautiful." she slips past the man and places her palm on the surface of the ship, shakes her hand a bit, and starts wiping off the dust, revealing the ship's original color. Cerin presses a spot on the side. It glows briefly and then a door slides open. Zahara climbs through the door and settles herself in what looks to be the pilot's seat Cerin follows her inside, looking about him as he does Zahara looks like a kid in a candy store, as she fiddles with the ship Zahara pressees the big gold button. The skyship's Essence engine roars to life, and the panels and such begin to light up. ''Turned On'' <Zahara> "ooOOOOhhh" she grins, but manages to hold off before pushing other buttons randomly.. instead she takes a moment to try to discern what they all do. Specifically for a steering mechanism, and possibly a brake. Although she can do without the brake for a while. Cerin smiles and pushes some buttons at his console! he does pause to study any labels thogh The controls of the skyship are surprisingly comprehensible, even to neonate pilots. <Zahara> "This... this is going to be fun. Hold on tight!" she announces. Cerin laughs softly Zahara points herself at the door, and pushes 'go' The skyship shoots rapidly out of the tower, moving with an ease unlike anything Zahara has ever experienced before. Zahara squeals in glee, testing the steering mechanisms The skyship shoots rapidly out of the tower, moving with an ease unlike anything Zahara has ever experienced before. Rannath tracks the skyship, helm turning. "..Only one person." The skyship bears suddely and quite sharply to the left. Cerin wonders what his console actually does. Markuran turns in a flash, arms upraised to fend off an attack as the huge artifact heaves itself into the air. "Sol's nuts! What is that!" Whether or not he realizes it, Cerin's panel controls the weapons. Zahara turns in leftward circles happily. <Zahara> "This is mine." she declares. Zahara tries going right! The ship suddenly curves sharply right in the air. Cerin pushes buttons carefully, not wanting to touch the disk infront of him for now All turns are currently causing the ship to list 45 degrees to one side as it turns. Zahara wraps her legs around the seat to stay in, and attempts to go straight <Cerin> "Perhaps a little lighter on the controls, Zee?" holding onto the seat <Zahara> "They're very responsive." she giggles ''Attack of the Ally!'' Markuran snarls and runs toward the closest building, smashing his fists into the ..not stone? walls. Hurling himself upwards, Mark reaches the top of the tower. When the air-born monstrosity comes close enough, the big Solar flings himself across the empty air, anima flaring like wings behind him as he soars and THUDS into the ship, sending it realing with his three hundred pound bulk <Rannath> "..This is the most shameful display I have ever seen. I think I am cursed." Rannath is muttering in Old Realm, head lowered. Zahara yelps as the ship thuds and lists to the side, "What the hell? Who's shooting me?!" <Cerin> "...what was that?" Zahara yanks the controls left, hard. <Ssithumi> "I take it you have no knowledge of who commanded it, then." Markuran searches for a way into this..thing! <Rannath> "I do not. It is an unusual construction." Cerin wonders if there is some kind of surface defence... Cerin starts to push some of the buttons on the console. he offers some essence to the console too. Markuran crawls toward the clear section at the front of the machine, thudding across the hull as his big feet scrabble for purches. Pressing his face against the clear part, Markuran looks inside. //Ssithumi speaks to Birds and Rannath. "So you have never seen the like of such a thing. It is for the best. The world is better off without such things."// //<BirdsOfTrinity> "It is new to me. I don't have many memories of the lives before my most recent death." Birds says this offhandedly, but falters at "death."// //<Rannath> "Also, I beg pardon for the disruption. My companions are.. ill-mannered, excluding you, of course."// //Rannath gestures briefly to Birds.// Zahara basically jerks the controls around like a madwoman, aiming the ship away from the city so as not to ram into any towers. The outside of the ship is suddenly covered by a tremendous electrick shock. ''<Zahara> "MY SHIP! IT'S ON MY SHIP!"'' ''<Zahara> "THERE'S A BEHEMOTH ON MY SHIP!"'' Markuran shudders and howls as the blue-white fire courses along his muscles, knotting them into an agonizing tangle of flesh and sinew. His pain-stricken bellow is audible, and recognizable, through the cockpit of the airship as Mark struggles valiently to resist the onslaught. His anima flares wildly, trying to bleed off the energy, but most of it courses through the poor man. Zahara aims up The ship lurches upwards, Markuran still gripping tightly to its exterior. Zahara summons her weapons from Elsewhere to fly along *outside* of the ship. Markuran hammers his burned fists against the clear screen seperating him from Zahara and Cerin. His bull-roar is torn away by the wind, but he clearly looks rather angry, making threatening guestures at the pair. <Cerin> "...Oh. The behemoth was Marku" Cerin tries to figure out how to turn the defence off.... Markuran clambers back towards the hatch-looking thing and tries to get inside the ship. Zahara looks up, and makes nasty hand gestures at him, shouting "GET OFF MY SHIP YOU BIG PIECE OF LEAD" but she levels off, so they're no longer aimed upward. Annoyance barrages Marku through the mental link. ''Zahara circles back towards the city, her first ride now marred forever.'' <Zahara> "That jerk!" she fumes. "Can you believe the NERVE?" Markuran finally manages to enter the skyship. Storming, painfully, across the decking he looms behind the two pilots. "Which one of you two tried to kill me!" <Zahara> "YOU tried to kill US!" <Zahara> "What are you, stupid? You jumped on my SHIP! I can't even FLY this thing!" Where Birds stood just moments before, a huge ball of fire strikes violently into the ground, sending tiny flame gouts off in every direction. Zahara demonstrates by pointing down, then up. <Markuran> "You go soaring through the sky in some ancient war machine without TELLING us and expect us to recognize you?" the force of Mark's bellow shakes the ship. <Zahara> "It wasn't like I was HIDING. I was CLEARLY inside the tower, and then came OUT in the SHIP." <Cerin> "You leap at said ancient war machine in attack and expect it not to activate defences?" <Markuran> "It didn't! You did! Or she did!" <Zahara> "What did you THINK we'd do? You JUMPED on the SHIP!" <Cerin> "All we heard was a 'THUNK'. We were supposed to know you were the passenger?" <Zahara> "AND I bet you scratched the finish, too!" //Unbeknowst to the arguing Solars in the skyship, a trio of spiritual beings have materialized in the air above the others; one angrily curses her poor aim.// <Markuran> "What else would be jumping at the ship?!" <Cerin> "Just about anything in Rathess!" <Zahara> "How the hell should I know? I don't live here. I assume anything that lands on my ship intends to knock it from the sky." //''A ten-armed, winged woman made of pure red flame, a large, squat man draped in hundreds of animal furs, and a bear with insect wings and tusks begin to descend from the air, towards Birds, Ssithumi, and Rannath.''// <Markuran> "I did! Until I saw you two inside. Then you go and try to kill me!" As the ship turns to return to Rathess, suddenly the scene becomes visible to those inside -- the gods become manifestly visible. <Zahara> "Then we were perfectly right to try to kill you." <Zahara> "See.. it could have been THEM." she points Markuran snarls at Zahara. "Well, turn this demon-ship against them instead of me. And get low enough I can jump out." Zahara looks rather triumphant that she's found an enemy in the sky that Mark could have been. ''Cerin condenses into pure rage "ZAHARA GET US TO THE CITY!! I WILL EAT HIS SOUL!!"'' "You shouldn't have COME here, Solars. The Lily can't have you interfering with its plans so SOON!" shouts the furred man, in a horrificly twisted voice. <Cerin> "That ...THING destroyed my village" <Cerin> town* Cerin goes white, the rage now crystalising as he hears that boom out over the battlefield ...
A thousand faces stand atop a precipice, held in place by the single face of a bleached skull: and where they gaze, there is only stillness until at last they are cast down. ---- The last stand of the ThousandFacedMan?
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According to [[Herons]] and TheCrysanthemum, [[Ymir]] asked them to take care of certain possessions when she left for BiAllah. Her memories of being AttackedByTheFlowers cast some doubt on this, suggesting that possibly they instead stole them from [[Ymir]]'s residence for purposes unknown. *A small black box - Contains depressions to hold the 3 pins that make up part of YmirsBadgesOfOffice *YmirsCrysanthemumPin - A golden Chrysanthemum set on a starburst. *YmirsDeliberativePin - An 8 pointed Sunburst *A small golden daggar - The dagger is orichalcum. It's short, with a sharp curve, and a similarly curved handle. Attuning to it, it's extremely light and easy to use. After a little experimentation it was discovered that it cuts through many non-living objects with a surprising ease. (4m attune) *A GreyRing - The ring is made of starmetal; it clearly serves as an Essence channel, but it has no obvious effect when attuned and/or worn. But it does do something. (1m attune) *A small sheaf of papers - Written in Ymir's hand, these detail her foiling of an elaborate scheme to assasinate someone in the south east. Questions *Why YmirsShadowsResplendantPin missing from the set? *Where did they get them from, since [[Ymir]] wasn't wearing them for the DeathOfTalmuda? *Why did they return them?
A man with two faces stares with each at a map of the world, one green, one black. Beside him is a lantern with three lights; in one hand he holds the skull of a dead god, and in the other, thousands of tiny strings that run to each map that he pulls with measured precision. When every string is taut, he thinks, he shall pull free the one thread that is at the heart of all of them -- and then, he shall remake both maps as he sees fit. Across the table from him, a black lion stares at both tables with focus. In front of him is a great black stone, pulled from the very center of the black map, and he sharpens his teeth upon it, one by one -- for when they are sharp enough, he shall simply devour both maps in one gulp. ---- This one is, I think, pretty obvious. The MaskOfWinters and TheLion.
Was in the possesion of Atomnos , now held by the Circle and ZaharaZahn
A new blue light fills the sky. A sense of peace and ease passes over the people of Creation. The rivers overflow with life and love as many return to greet their parents once more. And in the light, an old friend is found again. ---- Very vague. The warlike ghosts have gone to leave the less warlike ones?
High above the ground below, a group of birds nests, their feathers glistening with the cold edge of steel; then, at once, they split, a small group wheeling through the air in one direction, the bulk massing and flocking in the other -- and then... war begins. ---- I suspect this is the [[Aalorai]], though I have no idea who the groups might be. Maybe Reaver will bring us some allies, and the others will be...everyone else -C
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A hole opens up beneath a golden blossom, but no one can see it; and then, from within comes a consuming purple vine, its tendrils small and nigh-invisible, but omnipresent -- and strong. ---- What might this blossom be? * TheGoldenChrysanthemum? * TheExaltedDeliberative? * A specific member of such?
The current circle consists of: * CerinTheWolf - ''Night'' - //was previously [[Ymir]]// * ZaharaZhan - ''Eclipse'' - //was previously GeneralTalmuda// * BirdsOfTrinity - ''Night'' - //was previously [[Alahwi]]// * KaiBuckthorn - ''Dawn'' - //was previously [[Rosada]]// * Thirteen - ''Twilight'' - //was previously [[WeiDan]]// * LucentCopperHaze - ''Zenith'' - //good question!// ** They reside in the LabyrinthineCascade, the manse at the Capitol of the SunLands, which gets broken into with alarming frequency. AlliesOfTheCircle <<slider chkTestSlider AlliesOfTheCircle AlliesOfTheCircle "AlliesOfTheCircle">> EnemiesOfTheCircle <<slider chkTestSlider EnemiesOfTheCircle EnemiesOfTheCircle "EnemiesOfTheCircle">> Other Solars: * RannathOfTheSpear - ''Dawn'' - //Incarnations unknown// * MarkuranTheBear - ''Zenith'' - //was previously KiriathTheDestroyer// * WesternCircle - ''Perfect Circle'' - //Incarnations and loyalties unknown.// * TheManOfTheWoods - ''Night'' - //Incarnation unknown. Sworn to a Yozi// * Many MissingSolars In the FirstAge there was the PerfectCircle: * [[Rosada]] - Dawn - //became KaiBuckthorn (and also FirstAndForsakenLion)// * KiraithTheDestroyer - Zenith - //became MarkuranTheBear// * BlackIris - Twilight - //became ...?// * [[Ymir]] - Night - //became CerinTheWolf// * [[Askaru]] - Eclipse - //became ...?// Also there was: * GeneralTalmuda - //became ZaharaZhan// * [[Alahwi]] - //became BirdsOfTrinity// * [[Arexus]] - //Got trapped in the DayBreaker// * [[Wei Dan]] - //became [[Thirteen]]//
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Sidereal Exalted.
A type of TheHundredfold. They are six-limbed, winged, birdlike humanoids composed of metal. [[Reaver]] is one. He is chibi.
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..that when Ymir was young, she lived amongst the Asok peoples of the far north. Even at a very young age, Ymir had a sad look to her -- like one who knew that a great burden would rest upon her.Like her people, she wandered between the floes of the Great Northern Skyocean, hunting amongst the great herds of the bjordë, learning the art of skysailing, and growing close with her two thobin, the ice spirits bonded to every Asok child at the age of three. Her parents were slain when she was only nine, thrown from the floe by attacking Vosjes. As per the tradition of her tribe, Ymir was left one thousand paces behind as the other Asok moved on; without adults to protect and raise her, she was a burden upon the lean-living nomads. It was two weeks later that she startled her tribe as they arose to depart upon sunrise, still very much alive and hefting a freshly-killed bjordë carcass. From that day forth, Ymir was held in great esteem by the tribe. She apprenticed to the greatest hunters, and rapidly surpassed them; soon she led the hunts herself. She began to study with the shamans, and soon she was a master of the spiritual arts. She became betrothed to the chieftan's daughter, and by the time she was 15 all knew that she was destined to take the Chieftan's place when he died. Radiant and beautiful, but with the same look of sadness, she prepared for her birthday, the day she would wed. Two days before, the great beast descended upon the floe. It was a vast creature, with thirty eyes, it is said; one hundred limbs, and eighty wings. It was ravenous, insatiable, and animal in its nature; no intelligence shone behind those thirty eyes. No one knew where it came from: from within the floe, or some place far in the sky? No one knew. But it was unstoppable. Thirty warriors attacked it, then three hundred, to no avail; it slew and devoured them, one by one, and their screams echoed across the floes. Ymir dealt furiously with the spirits, in the hope that some escape might be found for her people, but it was not to be. The creature broke through the ranks of warriors and reached the encampment of the Asok. It began to rampage anew, slaying all who stood in its way, including, finally, one -- the chieftan's daughter. Driven mad with grief, Ymir rent her clothes and screamed. She swore dark vengeance upon any spirit who did not aid her now, at this moment, and, hefting the Chieftan's totemal spear, she charged the creature. When it moved to strike her down, she could not be struck; when it looked to find her she could not be found; while the creature was distracted by its own inability, she quickly climbed up its legs, ran across its back, and stood upon its head for a single moment before viciously plunging the spear down through its skull, slaying it utterly. In that moment, she was Exalted.
. .. ... ... .. . ---- I think it's obvious what's happening here!
The beast rises up, freed from all time and space; his bulk casts a shadow across the world, and his maw drips an ocean out into Creation. The bridge of the sky itself is his palace, the Imperial Mountain the gravestone for his family, and the Red Star the harbinger of his coming. ---- Might this be [[Erevel]]? Are Dragons beasts? To help settle this, where did [[Auna]] die?
The lights are read. We are all together as one. The future is the past. What has been shall be; what shall be, has been.
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DayBreaker is a soulsteel Daiklave, dsigned to store complex essence patterns, such as souls. Currently resident is [[Arexus]]: Also known as the ScourgeOfMortalHope and the ToothOfNetheos. these are inscribed onto the blade. There are two secret inscriptions: <<< "Forged from the bones of the dead god Abbaron, quenched in the blood of the hero Ularis, Daybreaker shall cast the Sun from the sky and burn the souls of the living with cleansing fire. When the blade has drunk its full, it shall grow strong and bring about the end of all things. -- Skalexis, Shadewright" <<< and "FIRST FORSAKEN LION" Involved in the DeathOfTalmuda, the time when [[Ymir]] was AttackedByTheFlowers and other things, but despite [[Ymir]] apparently wielding it in both cases, it was not known that she had. Ymir uses Daybreaker to kill Talmuda, then goes into hiding. The blade next appears in Kiriath's hands, when he uses it to kill Rosada (though it is Rosada's blade, perhaps he had it on him). It must leave Ymir's posession while she is in hiding. How? Timeline and Theories! according to kai's theorizing and deduction the malfeans forged the Daybreaker and someone used it to kill Ularis, one of Talmuda's underlings and a great hero in the war storing his shard they then GAVE it to Rosada, making him a Solar who was /already in their pocket/ he served on the Perfect Circle and moonlighted as the F&FL then ymir wound up killing talmuda with the sword through a mechanism that is unrevealed at no point from then forward did it return to rosada's possession until kiriath killed him with it so does ymir take on talmuda before or after the sids? ymir kills talmuda. ymir attacks the sidereals in the orrery chamber the sid diary does not mention talmuda's death it happens in that order, according to herons after talmuda's death, herons expected ymir to consult the orrery and sent people to intercept her she kicked the shit out of them without killing them, left behind the sword, and ran and triggered a SCS ward of the Bi`Allah gates behind her. yes, using a sorcery-capturing cord which kept everyone out until the path of stars aligned again according to herons, it happened once exactly when the shit went down with kiriath, and again when cerin went also, you know that Thirteen followed the path of stars around for like five to ten years and never wound up in Bi'allah Okay, so, yeah. That suggests the Kiriath thing was the one time Ymir went back to creation. yes conveniently enough, note because it was the only time Ymir COULD come back the path of stars aligns just twice both times at ymir's convenience what's that about she consulted the orrery. So it is possible that Ymir killed Kiriath, and then asked/left Ahlawhi to claim the credit. Or that she just watched. kiriath isn't actually dead just disabled alahwi takes him back for justice alive I guess we will get a better idea of that when we got to 13's home it is actually way more perfect than I could have planned to have a group of 13/birds/cerin go to wasirru
A golden disc, two concentric, hollow circles carved upon its face, is swallowed up into The Fivescore Realization of Truth; and deep within the manse, great energies are redirected, channelled, and they begin to flow through it... On the frozen Northern wyld-border, a great, empty palace of ice and blue-flame begins to glow from within... In the south, five volcanoes begin to belch out greenish-blue smoke as the magma flows beneath them realign... Across the face of Creation, distant manses and geomantic relays that have lain dormant for millennia spring once more into life. There is a great pause, as the energies that build around the border of Creation stretch taut and struggle vainly for release, until, suddenly... they break free, and like a tidal wave, the crush of reality rushes outwards from the border, sweeping away the taint of chaos in its wake, and leaving lands long-gone -- asleep for years upon years -- in place. Outwards, unabated, the wave rushes, through forests and mountains and stranger things besides; outwards it rushes, until upon the borders where once Solar geometers marked the edge of all reality, it reaches its ebb. In the far north, the great crystalline nation of On-Ram spins once more amidst the Empty Sky, and as the sun shines upon it once again, it begins to ponder a long series of new developments that have come to its attention.... In the east, the city of Era'vina waits expectantly, for much in their fate is hung upon what occurs in the world in this five days. In one house, a woman, radiantly luminescent and sad, looks out the window at the familiar twisting, purple sky... but as she looks, a great wave of Essence washes over it, and the black sky of Calibration takes its place. She looks out to the West, and wonders at what will happen next... About the distant border of the world, they shine into being: the lost spheres, Incarna who have lain dormant for an Age of mankind, and their light falls down upon the world. Upon the Blessed Isle, a woman fights a war. It is a dirty war, an unhappy one: but it is what she was born to do. Somewhere, deep within her soul, a tiny rose bush blossoms into a great tree. She opens her eyes, as Essence cascades over her skin, as an empty vessel that has sat within her for so long suddenly fills up again.... And then she pushes her troops onward again.
The LabyrinthineCascade is the home of the TheCircle that rules the SunLands, which covers 1/8 of Creation. It is surrounded by TheSharpGlade, a sentient forest populated by TheLeafWalkers. * it is a level 5 manse * It is, essentially, a continually shifting Maze, through which those attuned can find their way easily, but others find themselves lost quite often. * The dark river that runs throughout was once guarded by an AngryRiverSpirit who was allowed to feast only on trespassers. ** There is a dark spirit in the river below. We keep it from the lakes and the folk around them with the Manse. The mazework confuses it." But the spirit sends bad dreams to those who sleep where its water flows. No one rests easily in the Cascade." ** The AngryRiverSpirit was freed by, and joined with LaiMisuna while we were away. ** We can incorporate your rooms into the design easily, it was meant to be flexible to a certain degree because of the labyrinth changing shape to control the shifting of the malevolence. * It contains many permanent rooms whose locations shift, but their interiors do not. For example: ** The personal rooms of ZaharaZhan, CerinTheWolf, BirdsOfTrinity, MarkuranTheBear and KaiBuckthorn ** TheWarRoom ** ZaharasDungeon *** TheWhiteRoom ** TheGilmeyneRoom The LabyrinthineCascade has been broken into or otherwise compromised an alarming number of times. * BreakIn1 - RovashTheInfinite broke in for reconnaissance - to find exactly where he would have to stand (a storage room) to resurrect his fallen lover. Apparently the fae HordeFromTheNorth was also involved. <<slider chkTestSlider BreakIn1 BreakIn1 "Break-in 1">> ** ''See SI 5, [[LooseEnds|http://wiki.stryck.com/pmwiki.php/Exalted/SI5LooseEnds]]'' * BreakIn2 - The Sidereal, [[Herons]], broke into the Cascade and stole the Starmetal meteor that TheCircle had captured when it fell from the sky. Apparently his aim was to get TheCircle to talk to him. Not a very bright way to introduce oneself to a Circle of Solars, really. It did, however, work, once he had sworn some Oaths and taught ZaharaZhan WSAV. He wished to know the details of what happened when TheCircle slew the three Gods that had destroyed the village of Listran. <<slider chkTestSlider BreakIn2 BreakIn2 "Break-in 2">> ** ''See [[BirdsLearnsSomethingNew|http://wiki.stryck.com/pmwiki.php/Exalted/SIBirdsLearnsSomethingNew]]'' ** //Also during that episode:// *** //Birds-of-Trinity wanders in behind her, looking dishevelled and sweaty. "I learned this new thing."// *** //Zahara looks over at Birds, "So did we. What are you talking about?"// *** //Cerin looks towards birds, slightly puzzled as he starts to try and remember the way out of this manse to the surface// ***// Birds-of-Trinity zooms across the room so quickly she doesn't disturb the air. "I can run really fast!" ... "What did you learn?"// *** //Zahara blinks. "We've been tracking a thief for hours, and you come in and.. RUN REALLY FAST?"// *** //"I see someone got up on the wrong side of the Manse this morning. We keep telling you to check the feng shui in your bebroom, but...thief?"//
The Gods have split into factions, one of which is the RedLily. They have discovered how to create their own GodExalts (such as [[Bertrand]]), and they now have TEN BAZILLION GODEXALTS running around, and they are gathering for an attempt to Take Over Creation! The formula for Exalting a mortal has been discovered, and we now have an ExaltationChecklist. LaiMisuna appeared in the sky all over Creation to announce their intentions. He seems to be the head of the Lily. Human (and God) leaders: * LaiMisuna (exalt of UnfoldingPetal) * [[Holbar]] (exalt of TenBeastsRising) - (DEAD! http://wiki.stryck.com/SolInvictus/GemGetsDestroyed ) * [[Shikaya]] (exalt of KasimaTheKnife) - (DEAD! http://wiki.stryck.com/SolInvictus/ShikayaFalls ) Gods we know are in the RedLily: * Ahlat, God of War * RovakHartRunner - now captured and held in the Cascade ** Bertrand, Rovak's Exalt - now converted to the SunLanders' cause * KasimaTheKnife ** Exlats are purple ninjas that can cut things, like *space* * etc.
It is said... ...that when Ymir was 23, she sat in the Deliberative. She made her home in the sky-city of Varex, never quite feeling at home on the ground. She served the Shadows Resplendent, journeying across Creation to secretly protect the interests of the Realm. For thirty-five years, she served so, doing as she was ordered, journeying where she was commanded, holding no commitments and taking no pleasures beyond those offered by her small room, and a notebook and quill. In her fifty-eighth year, she was sent to the South, in the region of Hazul, to root out spies that were believed to have taken up within the courts there. It was there that Ymir first met the famous General Talmuda. A hero of the War, 2000 years old, Talmuda was already well known throughout Creation, and Ymir, so well accustomed to her hermetic lifestyle, was stunned by him. The General took kindly to the young Exalt, and brought her into his inner circle; soon she had moved to Hazul, taking charge of its security entirely, living upon the ground for the first time. Soon Talmuda took Ymir as one of her lovers. Sixty two years later, Hazul was attacked by a powerful force of soldiers, a group angry at the governance of the region who wished to make a powerful statement. This attack had but one purpose -- to capture the General. Using a mysterious crystalline device, the attackers managed to subdue Talmuda, and prevent him from accessing his Essence. Ymir was far from the palace when this occurred, tending to security details. When she was given the news, she grew angry, in a way she had not been for ninety-seven years. Calling every one of her agents to her, she directed them out to discover anything, anything, that might lead her to the General. Then, she struck out on her own, striking out at all those she knew might have connections to the attackers. She used any means necessary to extract information, until those she targeted began to come to her, too terrified of her retribution to wait and hide. After four days, Ymir had located where Talmuda was being held -- an ancient fortress, manned by five hundred men and sixty Exalts. When Ymir arrived, she fought unhesitatingly through all those who stood in her way; when she was done, less than half of each number remained. She found the General, and released him, and together, they slew the other rebels, to the very last man, and levelled the fortress to the ground. Two months later, Ymir was given a tremendous promotion; and a year later the two were wed.
There seems to be a correlation in Sol Invictus between the number of limbs one has, and how hostile one is to humanity, or how much of a bastard you are. Examples in favour: *SolInvictus *[[Siram]] *TheAalorai *CreatureFromTheMine *DwellerInDenandsor *[[Reshina]] Examples to the contrary *RovashTheInfinate - //though he ''is'' a soul eating Fae// *Oilsih - //But he is a demon// Can limb number be used as a predictor of hostile intent?
[[Rosada]] was killed by KiraithTheDestroyer on his rampage, with DayBreaker. He bore the DawnSeal, which went missing on his death, along with his weapon, DayBreaker. His ghosts became the FirstAndForsakenLion
Our Current (we think) allies are: * SsithumiAnHotep, DragonKing leader of [[Rathess]] * [[Staaklon]] and the other Pterok DragonKings of VesatharValley * CathakRelovia, Fire Aspected Immaculate Dragon, converted to our cause by MarkuranTheBear. * (Cerin's ninjas) * [[Bertrand]], cowardly GodExalt * EbonBladeOfVengeance, formerly IvoryOrchidAssassin * [[Serenal]] the Lunar * [[Grala]], goddess of the hunt * SevenHeronsLeaping and [[Ikara]], theoretically * RovashTheInfinite, mysterious fae, potentially * [[Injara]], Rovash's dead solar girlfriend, also potentially * [[Iallu]], godess of secrets from the North Other alllies: * [[Selonis]] the Celestial Lion * [[Shining]], one of the ThreeLights * RovakHartRunner, god who Exalted [[Bertrand]] * MaskOfWinters, theoretically * [[Lucien]], as long as Zahara keeps him summoned * The XiMiTaxi, in a sense Contacts: * IalluTheTenFaceted, who was met in Heaven * The RumorGoddess, friend of Zahara * OsirilTenEyes, creepy demonspawn information broker in Nexus Nations under our banner: * [[Jakobi]] * [[Melekin]] * CrostaniCityStates * MarukaniPlains * [[Chaya]] * Various small barbarian tribes including the EbonStonegazers Allied nations: * [[Lookshy]] * [[Nexus]] * [[Thorns]], theoretically
* TheWar * FirstAge * RedLily * TheCircle * TheGods * ReadingOfLights * ThirteensVision * <<newTiddler>>
In the garden of the true light, six stand. ---- Back in TheGarden. We are down two ([[Reading04]]) or three ([[Reading05]]) 'people'.
The city of Chiaroscuro was glorious, once -- the greatest port in all of the South, its brilliant towers rising up fifty stories from the earth, gleaming in red and gold and green, the Adamant Towers of Glory jutting into the clear azure sky and casting their iridescent light down upon the white desert dunes and the Inland Sea. Twenty million people once lived within its borders, and every passenger who embarked for points south passed through its vast port. Now, only one-twentieth of that lives within, and the city of old is swallowed up by new buildings, squat and ugly besides the astonishing glass towers; salt runs through the streets to imprison the ghosts and mercenaries walk the borders to keep out the barbarians. But it is still glorious in its own way, a jewel of the Second Age, a magnificent reminder that not all beauty in the world is lost. What those one million citizens do not see, what no salt or mercenary company can keep out, is what is... underneath. The knot of tunnels that runs beneath Chiaroscuro was once known as Hezed, a primary access into the Underways, in a more civilized time. Today, its gates are shut and lost, and the elaborate mosaics and flame-arts that decorate its length are darkened. At its heart, in the Hall of First Earth, there is a creature... its tendrils numerous and uncountable, and from each, the terrifying remnants of bodies... an ear, two fingers, a tiny foot... And at their center, a single, lidless red eye... And around it swarms an innumerable brood, dark and jagged; they crawl over its limbs and scratch at the walls and cut one another, not for pleasure or purpose but solely by existing, and for each that dies five more are born in that dark space under the world. It is almost time.
<<< Cerin and his Sidereal guide Ikara have arrived in Bi'allah, having spent the past six days walking the Path of Stars. The vista that greets them is quite startling -- a sky of deepest blue-purple shines over a barren, rocky plain of blue dust. In the sky, stars as large as grapefruits shine green and gold. Mountains jut into the sky in all directions; some break off and float, unanchored, through the sky. Streams of red and orange fluid flow through the dark rock in places, cutting through the otherwise cold atmosphere of the place. Strange crystalline growths jut from the ground in many locations, glinting with light from no visible source. <<< BiAllah is also known at the quiet realm, a place of tranquility, where people go to die. It is one of TheOtherRealms, which can be accessed through the GateSystem Until ZaharaZhan broke the spell, it was guarded by a SolarCircleBarrier [[Ymir]] came here to die, leaving a MessageToHerself and the NightSeal behind an ImpenetrableBarrier
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One out of every five is marked for death. ---- Specific and yet not
Outside the manse, near the shore of the Blessed Isle, a man stands, his face bearing a look of displeasure, his thin red sword gripped tight in his hand. His companions argue. The lizard berates the great dumb god-beast with a cruel grin. The man with the jade eye stands far back from the black shadow, which crosses all four of its arms at him in anger. His other hand strays to his pocket, where two objects rest. He runs his hand over the golden disc for a moment, feeling the half-filled circle design on it with each of his fingertips in turn.... But after a moment, his hand moves to the other object.... The tiny key, the fire opal set into it seeming to crackle and warm his fingers at the touch. ''Elari,'' he thinks. ''I am sorry.'' The metal bird clacks its wings together and runs one hand over the uneven black marks that line its body with impatience. The man in red fingers the key for a second longer, and then he holds it tight for a moment -- tight enough to draw blood. "Quiet, all of you," he says, quietly himself. "Let's go."
A vast crystal unleashes that which has dwelt within for thousands of years. Beyond its edges, where once there was chaos, the pleasingly predictable certainty of order is enacted, all in the name of the mistress of the spheres. ---- The CrystallineContinentOfOnRam? If so, eeeek, that place looks massive on the map. The crystal and the spheres (and the desire for order) strongly suggest to me that this is Xara. --liam
One of the five SolarSeals held by the members of the PerfectCircle The DawnSeal was held by [[Rosada]], but was lost when he was slain (presumably by KiraithTheDestroyer), along with all his other artifacts. It reappeared many years later in the hands of the ScarletEmpress when she used it to gain access to the ImperialManse, to drive back the fairfolk and assume control of TheRealm. It is unknown if the ScarletEmpress was wearing the DawnSeal when she vanished, or where she might be now.
The vision Thirteen had in the Cathedral of Dead Stars, broken up. ThirteensVision01 ThirteensVision02 ThirteensVision03 ThirteensVision04 ThirteensVision05 ThirteensVision06
Far from his previous life, a man works the land, toiling in obscurity; in the place she has always known, a woman brings together her cousins for vengeful war, borne of the pain in her own heart. ---- Assuming these are related: I'm fairly certain the man is LaiMisuna and the woman is [[Elari]] raising an army in EraVina
Silver messengers come from afar, bringing wondrous treasures and grand news.
<<list orphans>>
* Oath with ThirteenBloomingFlowers: **"I, Thirteen Blooming Flowers, swear eternal brotherhood to the inestimable Zahara Zhan, Dreambreaker and Empress of the Sunlands. Together we shall live, together we shall fight, and if necessary, together we shall die. To these truths I commend my arm and my heart." ** Zahara "I, Zahara Zhan, Dreambreaker and Empress to the Sunlands do solemnly accept this oath, and swear in turn to you, Thirteen Blooming Flowers, once traveller from afar, now General of the Sunlands, that I will uphold this oath with all my being. Together we shall live, together we shall fight, and, if necessary, together, we shall die." She bows solemnly over their hands. * Oath with Chaya: Chaya and all its people and lands are now under the jurisdiction of the Sunlands. And I, nor Chaya, shall make any binding oaths to others, without Zahara Zhan's express consent. * Oath with EbonBladeofVengeance (formerly IvoryOrchidGhost) ** Ivory 's eyesockets shine with an unholy light. "We will seal an oath, you and I. As long as you work to the destruction of my former master, you shall have my services." ** Z: "I cannot guarantee I will spend every moment furthering this goal, of course. It will take a long time, while we tend to more pressing concerns such as the armies set against us. But the downfall of your former master will happen, by me or through me." "And of course, you will not harm any Sunlander who has not betrayed me?" ** Zahara reaches out to touch his hand, and speaks the Oath. The two are surrounded by the ribbons of Essence which tell the tale of the Oath, and then lift to the heavens to be recorded. "It is done, then, Blade of Ebon Vengeance." She runs the tips of her fingers along the collar on his neck, "This shall symbolize your service to me. It will not hinder you from using your abilities unless you anger me."
The one who is balanced between the one and the other ascends to a seat above the skies of Meru; all things twist into balance at his feet. ---- If it were her, I might assume it were TheChosenOfTheVarang Who is balanced though? And between what?
Aside him, Thirteen sees the squabbling stars of the Sisters, who cease their fighting, hold up tiny lights, and look to the ground, where they see a horrific sight: the bloody corpse of the Chained Man, who hung in the skies just a moment ago. There is a moment of intense panic, and the familiar haunts of the Cascade are replaced with what seems like an endless parade of panic and violence, as ghostly figures run about and are slain; he sees the tendrils of the Maw reach out of the earth and devour, and the Veil pass over the eyes of those few who try to retain their composure. Then, finally, seven figures rise before them; they are as unburdened as the Feather, and they stand at the Cross; they have the stature of the Behemoth, and their seven lights form the image of the Eye. One steps forward, to hold the darkness at bay, and the others as one pluck a single flower from the ground and raise it up as the sign of the Mountain; it floats up above and as it does it glows, gaining in light and intensity until it shines with a brightness too intense to even look upon. ----- The Sisters -- familial connections, squabbles, duty and prodigality. The Chained Man -- self-doubt, penance. The Maw -- gluttony, ravenous hunger. The Veil -- self-delusion, gnawing doubt. The Feather -- unburdenedness. The Cross -- decisions, irrevocable choices. The Behemoth -- justified need, sacrifice to the greater duty. The Eye -- laboring under oppression, constant vigilance. The Mountain -- simplicity and vastness. Obviously there's a lot going on here. The Sisters are presumably TheMaidens and possibly even TheGentlemen. The Chained Man is TheUnconqueredSun who just died in ThirteensVision05. The seven who rise up are reminiscent of the eight/six who stand in the garden of the true light ([[Reading04]], [[Reading36]]). One steps forward, which leaves six? The flower on the ground may be one of the flowers from ThirteensVision03, which represented TheRain. I just got that we might be making a new Sun? cf. [[Reading30]].
* TheWar * FirstAge * RedLily * TheCircle * TheGods * ThePrimordials * ReadingOfLights * <<newTiddler>>
WTF hell
In land freshly cleared for planting, five saplings are drawn together as their golden leaves reach up in thirst towards the sky -- but their roots run thick in the black mire, and their trunks are carved with the sigils of ancient hatreds. ---- I have very little idea what this might be. Possibilities include: * Corruption in the NewbieSolars * TheWesternCircle returned (for EVIL!) * An Infernal Cult of [[Laerad]] * the NightBlossom
LaiMisuna... our arch enemy. He's the servant of that one god from [[Chaya]], and heads up TheRedLily - the faction of Gods that have created their own GodExalts in the millions, and aim to take over Creation. CerinTheWolf was once in his employ, before he discovered that Lai was the reason his village was destroyed, at which point he turned on him. * Seekrit miniscenes: ** [[MeetingWithLai|http://wiki.stryck.com/pmwiki.php/Exalted/SIMeetingWithLai]]
Apparently after it was kicked out of Denandsor ([[here|http://wiki.stryck.com/SolInvictus/SITheEmptyCityOne]] and [[here|http://wiki.stryck.com/SolInvictus/SITheEmptyCityTwo]]) it moved below [[Chiaroscuro]].
She who bears the blood of lovers upon her hands carves out a kingdom of pain and blood, all in preparation for vicious battle. ---- * A demon? * A faerie? * Behemoth?
* Eclipse Caste Sorceress with a minor God Complex. * Reincarnation of GeneralTalmuda (who was a boy!) who used to be in love with [[Ymir]] (a girl!) * Currently in love (oddly enough) with CerinTheWolf (boy) who used to be Ymir (girl) * Lost her compassion as a child to a mean Fae, whom she now has stuck in TheWhiteRoom, a very large example of one of ZaharasArtifacts * Was killed by a 3rd circle demon, and brought back to life by a PeachOfImmortality brought to her in the nick of time by CerinTheWolf * Really wishes MarkuranTheBear were dead due to his irritating sense of compassion, but was quite dismayed when he got PossessedByAPrimordial instead. * Hobbies include: making eyes at CerinTheWolf, crafting ZaharasArtifacts, summoning ZaharasDemons, and playing with her two familiars, TantamountTheManticore and ReaverTheAalori. * Lives in The LabyrinthineCascade * Assisted the DragonKings of [[Rathess]] to exalt with the spell she devised, AwakeningTheDragons, to SsithumiAnHotep's eternal delight. * Zahara has cast the MirageOfProtectiveShelter over the SunLands, with each major state having its own spell, overlapping the others. Visions Zahara has had: * Add these later Things I feel like adding that aren't already in here: * ZaharasOaths * FirstAgeVisions * ZaharasExaltation * ZeeLearnsSolarCircleSorcery * CompletedTasks * UnfinishedTasks
Any of the Exalted created by TheRedLily, using the Essence of a god other than the Celestines or Gaia. We have encountered personally GodExalts of TheThreeLights and that knife lady.
!Needed * The fruit of the Wasirranu * The cry of ten thousand, unbidden (Tesearah) * A soul, freely given !Obtained * Essences of the five elemental poles (distilled) **souvenirs from vacations (various) * Gold from the Heart of Autochthon ** Autobot has bad security systems * Vapors of the void (1 vial) ** Ebon is helpful * Channelcages of Xi-Mi-Taxi manufacture ** Negotiated for with the XiMiTaxi * Essences of the five elemental poles (distilled) ** Air - gotten near Haslanti ** Fire -- Relovia sent to retrieve it ** Water -- The Pirate Episode. ** Earth -- Cerin climbed the Elemental Pole near Juche to retrieve it ** Wood -- Foiled the Primordial's Plan to make an Evil Pole of Wood along the way. * Feathers from the Lords of Elysion ** Gotten in return for helping them with some crazy behemoth thing * Peach of Immortality ** CerinTheWolf stole some with [[Selonis]]' help * Etchcrystal from Xara's twelfth radiant ** Errr.. I think we got this. * Water from the Soulfont ** Got that - and took a bubbly soul bath. * Deep Wyld Essence (small jar) ** Gotten from an Unshaped Fae, and didn't even have to let off my Anti-Wyld bomb. * Ligier's tears ** Lucien will fetch them. * Ancient Bi'allah dust (pinch) ** Cerin got this when he went back to Bi'Allah to find his First Age corpse * 1 pound of each Magical Material ** Wyld Shaping, anyone?
One of the five SolarSeals held by members of the PerfectCircle This seal was held by KiraithTheDestroyer, and was recovered from his body after he was PutDown. Oddly, he hid the [[DawnSeal]] after killing [[Rosada]], but did nothing with his own seal. Is now believed to be in the PalaceOfLights
<<< Finally, before emerging, Zahara sees one other vision -- staring at a thin blonde woman as a dark sword is plunged through her chest. As she feels the blood flow from her insides and life leave her body, she sees... three faces. She sees Ymir... and she sees Kiriath... and then she sees -- ''Zahara screams'' <<< ZaharaZhan remembers being killed by [[Ymir]] who used the DayBreaker, with KiriathTheDestroyer and a MysteriousTerrifyingFigure standing behinf her. [[Ymir]] was not wearing YmirsBadgesOfOffice. TheCrysanthemum and [[Herons]] told CerinTheWolf that [[Ymir]] killed GeneralTalmuda alone, and this was the mural recorded in his tomb. According to [[Arexus]], the belife that Ymir acted alone was also circulated by [[TheFlowers]] in the First Age. Questions *Who was the MysteriousTerrifyingFigure? *Why did [[Ymir]] use the DayBreaker? *Why did [[Ymir]] do it? *If the DayBreaker was used, why wasn't GeneralTalmuda's soul or shard trapped within? (Or, what happened to them, if they were?) *Why no badges? *Where was it done?
At the southeastern edge of Meru, where scrubland brush of burning stones and lionskin rises up from the undulating earth, where the raksha make their homes and mortals do not tread, all is as it should be. Then, in the distance, a horn call sounds out, and as one, the faeries and animals and trees and stones look up towards whence it comes in frozen terror. A dot appears on the horizon, and the mutable world seems to swirl around it, but still those looking on do not move. Then the second horn call echos out, and those frozen in place feel their faces, their appearances in the world, stripped from them by the single, clarion note... Where stood faeries and animals and trees, now just undistinguished shapes. And still the dot on the horizon grows nearer, the landscape spinning and twisting like wet paint under amateurish hands around it. An hour goes by, or two, and the horn rings out again, a higher note, more shrill and piercing... And all who hear it feel their senses stripped away, all knowledge of the world outside torn into shreds and cast into the void. The passage of time cannot be reckoned now. The landscape bends and twists like a reflection torn by choppy water, but no one is there to see it. The frozen raksha, creatures of possibility, take their first sickening taste of oblivion. Then, in the emptiness, the black void of sense, the horn rings out once more, and it is the last thing any will hear, as the formless shapes that stand frozen there shatter and break at the sound... and all around them, sky becomes earth and earth sky and even the lax rules of Rakshastan are broken without a thought. And at the center, immutable amidst the chaos, he stands, indescribable: grand horns of infinite fractal majesty; eyes as big as oceans but small as gnats, yellow as the sun and blue as the moon; taut skin painted in infinite whorls of crimson and citrine and azure, of colors unknown in Creation; in one great hand, a simple staff, gnarled and twisted like the landscape, that seems to extend infinitely in every direction... And in the other, utterly comprehensible, is but a small, brass horn. Thus it was that the Second Herald came at last to Creation.
The Sun. Possibly an asshole.
The second sign comes, augured by the blast of a horn -- and in its wake, the laws of nature are broken. ---- This is now. See TheSecondHerald
Space opens. There are a thousand screams, and then, silence. In the depths of the Auric Temple, a red-clad hand -- a different one -- clutches a gold disc, sunburst cut across its face. It rubs the design once, with great familiarity, and then, it sets the seal into the black jade panel. In Lord's Crossing, the citizens sleep an uneasy sleep. War tears at their homeland, and darkness envelops the daytime -- but at least sleep promises a brief respite, they hope. It is the last sleep they will ever know. Throughout the city, they bloom: ten thousand vicious rose bushes, their branches and vines of jagged iron, their thorns as sharp as any blade. They bloom, and they grow -- snaking through doors and windows, over roads and under hedges, and at their tips, every man, woman and child, every mortal and Exalt and every bird and beast, perishes in an instant. As blood runs into the streets of the town, and a thousand more screams fill the air, already the necrotic Essence begins to seep around every corner. Within a minute, it is done: no soul still breathes in the once-grand city, and the geomantic heart of Lord's Crossing plunges like a thunderbolt into the netherworld. He might smile within the armor, though it is hard to be sure: an observer would only see the First and Forsaken Lion begin to march his troops into the city. And back within the Manse, the owner of the red-clad hand smiles -- and behind her, four others in black nod as well.
Across the many-faceted shape of Creation, the twelve worlds united together around a seed planted millennia ago, the beauteous home built by ancient exiles... something moves. Tiny tendrils of light, like a thousand passageways, run between the worlds... Those who wrought them once spent five hundred years drawing them from world to world, their intricate web defined by ancient mathematics lost to the world. They have hung there, linking and uniting those worlds, for thousands of years more, and not a thing disturbed them. Then there is one movement, and they tear away like spider silk and float out into the void. A passage, the lights of the night sky shaping its path, hangs today between Xara and Elysion, a perfect line in the emptiness. One who walks through it sees an astonishing sight: it is said by some that the stars that shine brilliantly within are all those that could not fit in the night sky, that the silver lines that draw them together across the path are the dreams of the first being to dream. And then: it cracks. Lines of Essence beyond the understanding of any living being bend and divert; the stars crash out into the darkness, wink, and go out. The Seven Leagues of the Looking Glass lie between and within all of Creation, a secret known only to a select few... the infinite white sea stretches out under an uncovered blue sky and an always-brilliant sun, and a warm spring breeze flits through. But then an ill wind kicks up and, for the first time, clouds darken the sky... and as tsunami gales rip through the peaceful space, one by one the beautiful white flowers turn blood red.
It is Calibration, and the grandest event in all of existence, the Carnival of Meeting, is in full swing. In the Thousand-Mile City, the Gods of Creation fill the streets and plazas, as this time alone has been set aside since the dawning of the world... for meeting and remeeting, for wheeling and dealing, for love and hate and trust and betrayal. Great banquet tables are filled with foods that do not exist, while fountains bubble with tonic of ambrosia; fires of every color dance through the sky while improbable jugglers and ethereal actors slip through the streets. Where a year ago the atmosphere was ebulliently festive, filled with possibility, today the party is more muted. Before, whatever petty schemes the Gods played upon one another, they at least were all united in overall purpose; but it was only some of the Gods -- the strongest perhaps, or the most cruel, or simply the least loyal -- who received the invitations to join the Red Lily at the Carnival held but a mere year ago. And as the Lily War has grown heated, the Gods have matched it; and those who are not a part have not forgiven the strongarm efforts of those who are. Violence is impossible at the Carnival, of course, but nothing prevents dagger-eyes across tables or threatening notes under suite doors. So the Gods dine and drink and watch the entertainments, but with a wary eye and a paranoid heart. In the Hall of Entrance, a single golden lion sits, performing as always his duties with unerring dedication, though today there is a sadness in his eyes. This late, there is little to his stewardship; no one arrives late to the Carnival of Meeting, and it is not the sort of party from which one stumbles home drunk. So it is only this lion who notices when something changes, when the Essence that flows through the gates seeps away and they grow dark.There is a moment of surprise, of concern. The Lion rises, and examines the gates thoroughly; his great golden paws tap out the codes that control the rings, and his golden eyes stare through the empty rings into nothing. ''Do I go to report this now?'' the lion thinks, briefly. He scratches at his mane with one back paw -- his undignified action unseen by any -- while he thinks quite dilligently on the matter. In ten minutes, he has come to a conclusion. ''..when the gods are already on edge? And cause rioting in the streets of heaven? No.'' He sits down upon his paws and sighs a great, catty sigh. ''The end of Calibration will be a time to remember'', he thinks, an understatement of heavenly proportions. But for now, the purpose of his stewardship suddenly irrelevant, the lion settles down comfortably upon the jade tiles, sets down his great maned head, and naps.
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In the heavenly city of Yu-Shan, past the grand parks and glorious buildings and beautiful orchards, in the very center, lies the Jade Pleasure Dome, which none enter except when bidden; and the Swords of Truth stand, unassailable, at every entrance. Within its heart is the vast Seraglio... Amidst the extraordinary lounges, the fountains filled with celestial fish and the self-replenishing banquet tables, the mirrors of scrying and the chambers of visitation... There are thirteen thrones in the Seraglio, and one smaller seat of honor besides. Six sit in one corner. Until recently, they were covered in a tarp of blackest night; but now, they are uncovered once again. Five of them, and the seat of honor, are sat together now... five maidens of infinite youth and glory, clad in bright colors; and one ancient, wizened but strong, each part of her body seeming to sing in its own unique voice, clad in brown and grey... and amidst them, shimmering scraps of white and blue fabric, singed and torn and bloodied but still beautiful, hundreds in number, each with its own texture and shape... At the center of the Seraglio are the Games. A vast circular table wrought in jade, like a vast, low goblet; the four directions called out at its edges, and filling it... an opalescent liquid that seems to flow and move and change to anything at all at the whim of those seated about it -- though that is just the pale shadow cast by unimaginable greatness upon mortal eyes. In the last two thrones, east and west, sit the remaining two, clad in their finest regalia that glint and reflect the light cast across the table by the other... each sits as if lost in thought, as thousands upon thousands of possibilities play out in ghostly form across the fluid table, as each considers the results of innumerable possible maneuvers and approaches. The Moon smiles. It is a vicious smile, and bares her canines. At her neck is a string of silver beads, each shifting and changing at every moment. She fingers it in a gesture that some might take as innocent, but the other recognizes the intention it carries. Though a greater purpose motivates this activity, the moon has always looked upon it but as amusement. She licks her lips with vigor, and reaches for a goblet of ambrosia. The Sun hrms loudly. He looks at his own possibilities with a dissatisfied air. Perhaps he makes a face as well, but a featureless golden mask hides it from the world. At his belt hangs a sack that was once full to the brim with coin, and he jangles what little remains within it now idly with one hand, while another -- heavily bandaged and swollen -- hangs uncertainly over the board. And somewhere deep within that liquid, somewhere -- anywhere -- is a single spot of nothingness, but no matter how many options he gazes at, no matter how many times he tries, after thousands of years he still cannot find it. The Sun sighs as the the Moon eagerly drinks from her cup, and stares at the board one last time. His last two hands cross in thought and he ponders for a long, drawn-out moment before proceeding. With his wounded hand, the Sun makes his move.
Solar Spell. How it reacts with Lai (and others)'s armies: *the spell protects you against people walking in from outside. *I'll assume that you've covered enough key strategic points that it's not generally useful to march in an army to hit the like grassy fields that aren't covered basically, that leaves them the following options: * units composed entirely of fighters with essence sight. problem: difficult, keeps numbers small. however he DOES potentially have as many as 10 million exalts. * gate fighters in. problem: only attack targets that have a gate inside the boundaries of the spell, slow. this is easy for you guys to stop. * other teleportation effects. you know he has access to some but not how big or how effective or how common they are. wildcard. * solar circle countermagic.
The RedLily has begun a campaign to war against all of Creation using their army of GodExalts, and TheCircle are all that stand in their way. How did this develop? * CerinTheWolf is employed by the RedLily to spy on TheCircle (CitationNeeded) * TheCircle encounters TheThreeLights, a small group of TheGods who are testing the procedure needed for creating GodExalts. (CitationNeeded) * ZaharaZhan, using the demon Lucien, discovers that GodExalts have been infiltrated into the Sunlands' army, including [[Bertrand]]. * TheCircle discover that the RedLily 's plans extend more broadly, including numerous allies amongst TheGods, during a visit to [[Rathess]]. CerinTheWolf reveals his role and becomes entirely bound to TheCircle. (CitationNeeded) * During the CarnivalOfMeeting, Cerin spies on LaiMisuna conversing with the leading Gods of the RedLily; he determines that they intend to conquer the entirety of Creation with an army of God-Exalts, beginning in three months. (CitationNeeded) * It is revealed by the XiMiTaxi that they have created channelcages for the RedLily that enable the Exaltation process: 10 million of them. In a later meeting, ZaharaZhan negotiates to acquire channelcages of her own, and gains the ExaltationChecklist needed to use them. (CitationNeeded) * Civil war breaks out in TheRealm, with the Cathak house being supported by RedLily forces and Hundredfold. Meanwhile, a contingent of them, armed with CrystalTechnology soul-eating weapons, invade (and are repelled from) the Sunlands. (CitationNeeded) * GodExalts attack the Solars directly in the LabyrinthineCascade, and they respond by assaulting and destroying a RedLily manse of GodExalts within their own territory, and capturing Bertrand's God. (CitationNeeded) * The Solars begin to gather allies in preparation for the conflict, including Nexus, Lookshy, the MaskOfWinters, and the HematiteLegion of Denandsor. (CitationNeeded) * The RedLily begin their war campaign, burning down the forest surrounding the LabyrinthineCascade in the process. (CitationNeeded) * The Solars begin to gather the ExaltationChecklist. * The Solars attempt to ambush and kill Ahlat, a high-ranking God in the RedLily organization, but he is rescued by Exalts of Kasima. (CitationNeeded) * The Solars go to recruit TepetEjava into their army, when MarkuranTheBear is possessed by the spirit of Siram, who has been brought to the scene by RedLily troops. (CitationNeeded) * External information informs the Solars that
Below the Earth in Q11 LaiMisuna disturbed NamelessEvil here, when he ventured down, drawing him to [[Estoc]] and starting the RedLily [[Ymir]] battled here for TenYears against [[Siram]], a PrimordialGod Important: [[LaiMisuna]] was given his power somewhere in the East. Rintoko is West of his homeland.
Thirteen follows a path down to the bottom, where it ends at a flat clearing. All around, Thirteen sees tiny, featureless figures, walking about and pausing as if speaking to one another -- but at the far end of the clearing crouches the Wolf, and every time a figure walks too near it lunges out and catches it in its bloody, dripping fangs. The wolf bares its teeth as Thirteen approaches, but does not attack. As he grows closer, Thirteen sees that it wears a collar, but where it should be solid, it instead is like a hole in the universe, a band of pure emptiness that somehow he can't quite focus his eyes on. ----- The Wolf -- lurking doom, the unseen menace. Pretty clearly the Lacuna -- but see ThirteensVision05. Is there some greater meaning to it eating people, or is it just being a dick?
. .. ... Eras have passed. ... .. .
Rathess. City of Mystery. Of Enchantment... and DragonKings. We first discovered Rathess when we saw this (see [[DiscoveringRathess|http://wiki.stryck.com/pmwiki.php/Exalted/SI6DiscoveringRathess]]: << All of a sudden, an outrageously bright pillar of light shoots up into the sky from far in the southwest, casting a bright white light over everything visible. Those looking at it must turn away from the brightness; those looking away see only the reflection of its brilliant radiance, still far brighter than the noonday sun. Cerin and Zahara can both see well enough to percieve the cloud of dust and smoke rising up from hundreds of miles away, in the direction the beam appeared in. << and followed it to the smoking hole in the ground that used to be the center of the FirstAge city of [[Rathess]], where we met SsithumiAnHotep. RathessExcerpts: <<slider chkTestSlider RathessExcerpts RathessExcerpts "RathessExcerpts">> Meanwhile, Zahara finds an ArtifactSled <<slider chkTestSlider ArtifactSled ArtifactSled "ArtifactSled">> Telling Statement of the Day: Ssithumi says, "I know not the purpose of those who made this attack, but it was clearly for malevolent purposes. I know of some of the things which live under this city.... and I would prefer that they remain there."
<<< She found that a horrific cult had arisen, who worshipped a horrific dark god called Siram. An incomprehensibly powerful creature from before the birth of the world, Siram was a creature of honeyed words and twisted limbs, whose great power flowed into the veins of the cult. The cultists walked amongst the people in innocent guises; they had been behind the disappearances, for Siram needed human blood to thrive. <<< [[Siram]] appears to be a PrimordialGod, apparently slain by [[Ymir]] in a battle of TenYears. Before this, he ruled a cult below [[Rintoko]]. [[Siram]] is an example of ManyLimbedEvil
[[Ymir]] was of the NightCaste and [[exalted|YmirExaltation]] young, at 15. Served as one of the ShadowsResplendant until she met GeneralTalmuda, becoming one of his lovers. When he was CapturedByRebels she rescued him, recieved a large promotion and later married him. At 600 years old, she recieved word of strnage goings on in [[Rintoko]], and went to investigate. Discovered a cult, preying on humans, worshiping [[Siram]], a PrimordialGod. She battled with [[Siram]] for TenYears, eventually returning victorious. Promoted to lead the ShadowsResplendant. Became one of the PerfectCircle, recieving the NightSeal. Time passes [[Ymir]] vanished when she was responsible for the DeathOfTalmuda. However, there are conlficting accounts of what happened. TheCrysanthamum claimed [[Ymir]] killed GeneralTalmuda alone, but ZaharaZhan remembers that KiraithTheDestroyer, and a MysteriousTerrifyingFigure were present. [[Ymir]] killed GeneralTalmuda with the DayBreaker. [[Ymir]] then fled, or was driven to the GoldenCrysanthamum, and remembers being AttackedByTheFlowers, while wielding the DayBreaker. This conflicts with the story told by [[Herons]] who claims she LeftPossessions with them, [[Ymir]] died in BiAllah, wearing only the NightSeal, behind an ImpenetrableBarrier. She left a MessageToHerself within the barrier. [[Ymir]] is likely to be TheSpyLost in BirdsDivination Questions/inconsistancies are manyfold *The DayBreaker was not hers, yet she used it to kill GeneralTalmuda *Why did she go to TheCrysanthamum? *Why did she kill GeneralTalmuda? *What did she see below [[Rintoko]]? *Did she actually kill [[Siram]]? *When did she lose DayBreaker? *What happened to YmirsBadgesOfOffice?
(Thirteen asked how to bring together the Solars without them fighting all the time.) From above, seven points of light appear, one by one, and slowly assemble themselves into the shape of The River; then, they begin to float downwards, growing in size, becoming vaster and simultaneously more fluid, until they drop to the ground at Thirteen's feet, a slowly-flowing river of crisp, clear water in the black abyss, plunging downhill from where he stands. He paddles along for what feels like quite a long time, until the river halts and washes him out on a sandbank that overlooks a vast valley; and in that valley, Thirteen sees the stars of the Effigy, one glowing swollen and red in the sky, and the others falling down to the earth, tiny blue motes that flicker out and disappear. ----- The River -- inevitable progress from a distant beginning. The Effigy -- piety, good people who died too soon. Originally I thought that this related to our lack of piety. On reflection, it might also relate to the death of the Sidereals, with FierceRedStar standing in for the FiveWhoWereFallen perhaps?
The last sunrise dawns, and all the peoples of the world are drawn out to see it. The thin crescent of the sun casts a light of rare, delicate beauty out over creation, and by the end of the day, there is nothing left to set. ---- TheUnconqueredSun doesn't seem to have recovered. Oh dear.
The stars spin slowly, the images of the constellations coming into focus before him: the Crown, the Behemoth, the Thief, the Labyrinth, and the Cross. ----- The Crown -- Aspirations and rises to glory. The Behemoth -- Justified need and sacrifice to the greater duty. The Thief -- Unexpected changes, sudden prosperity and loss. The Labyrinth -- Confusion, impossible tasks, the mournful past. The Cross -- Decision, irrevocable choices. There's one of each House here. It's possible that this is the equivalent of a startup screen.
A golden rain falls upon the plains, and in every place where once there stood a blade of grass, now blossoms a tiny, delicate flower. ---- I'm pretty certain this is TheRain. Yay!
The third sign comes, augured by the gentle touch of a hand -- and in its wake, the laws of emotion are broken. ---- This sounds bad.
Exalted while holding the blade DayBreaker after LaiMisuna's collegues came to her father's shop in Nexus. Bears the shard of [[Rosada]], that was trapped within DayBreaker Nice person.
Long ago, the first sign came, augured by the glare of a flame -- and in its wake, the laws of kingship were broken. ---- I'm p sure this is TheGreatCurse, rather than it being some death curse of ThePrimordials.
It is said... ...that when [[Ymir]] was in her sixth century, she was much loved in TheDeliberative. Though she still called Hazul her home, she rarely went there; her time in Deliberative sessions, and her missions throughout Creation, kept her far from home, though GeneralTalmuda would still speak with her in her dreams. At the height of Ascending Fire, Ymir received word that her services were needed. Deep in the Underways, in the region of Rintoko, people had begun to vanish, and valuable objects began to go missing. [[Ymir]] did not believe it was more than petty criminal activity, but she went personally to investigate nonetheless. She journeyed underground. When she came to [[Rintoko]], she found a city paralyzed by fear -- in the time it had taken her to journey there, one hundred more had disappeared, and those who remained became terrified. Sensing that something deeper was occurring, [[Ymir]] investigated. She found that a horrific cult had arisen, who worshipped a horrific dark god called [[Siram]]. An incomprehensibly powerful creature from before the birth of the world, [[Siram]] was a creature of honeyed words and twisted limbs, whose great power flowed into the veins of the cult. The cultists walked amongst the people in innocent guises; they had been behind the disappearances, for [[Siram]] needed human blood to thrive. Ymir tracked down their agents one by one and slew them, quietly and secretively, until she knew that only the leaders of the cult remained. Journeying through the dark, unmapped tunnels that cut through the Underways, she came to their lair -- a vast cavern, with a tremendous rock dagger dangling precipitously over the center. The cultists were prepared for Ymir's arrival, but she was prepared for any fight. For three days she battled the cultists and the terrible creatures they worshipped. At the end of the third day all the cultists lay dead, and [[Ymir]] had finally gained the edge in her duel with Siram. Poised over him, her black ribbons fluttering triumphantly in the breeze that cut through the narrow caves, she moved to strike him down -- but he had other plans. With a single motion of his hand, he severed the Essence that held the great dagger to the ceiling, and it fell, penetrating the floor of the cavern with a brilliant flash of light. The entire floor collapsed, and [[Ymir]] and [[Siram]] were thrown down into a dark, impermeable darkness. When they heard the shockwave in the city and Ymir did not return, many believed that she had perished. Terrifed, the people fled [[Rintoko]]. As months passed, TheDeliberative became certain that [[Ymir]] was dead, though GeneralTalmuda refused to accept that it could be so. The region of [[Rintoko]] was sealed off, all access to the region blocked, and none allowed to return. Months turned into years, and even the most stalwart believers gave up; only GeneralTalmuda believed that [[Ymir]] might still live. After five years, TheDeliberative declared [[Ymir]] dead, held a great funeral for this noble hero, even began to construct a tomb in Rathess, though no body was found to bury there. But GeneralTalmuda still believed. It was ten years to the day after [[Ymir]]'s disappearance that the Deliberative was shocked in the middle of a session -- as the still-bleeding carcass of [[Siram]] was thrown down to the center of the floor, and ten seconds later, [[Ymir]] dropped from the ceiling to stand, bloodied and grim but alive and victorious, before the Deliberative. "I have slain the beast," she said. The Deliberative was exultant. Ymir became a hero among heroes. Those who knew her saw that some fragment of the sadness she had always borne was gone, but in its place was a cold, empty grimness; and as long as she lived Ymir never spoke of what occurred in those ten years. It was less than a year before Ymir became the leader of the ShadowsResplendent and One of the PerfectCircle.
<<< As Zahara meditates, Birds scrawls a number of random statements, whatever pops into her head, onto the sheets of paper, leaving them somewhat spread apart. * Birds then scatters the papers on the floor, takes a chunk of bread, and throws it at random. She reads the sentence it landed on. The bread lands at an angle; its edge cuts across several pages, and the words running along its upper edge can be read out as follows: "The chime the sword the tower the pit and the ring. The preacher, reversed. The general, face-down. The spy, lost. The beast and the god, aside. ALAHWI (this is spelled out by letters at the edge of the bread) at the center. The enemy deals the deck. The foe is at its bottom." <<< The Prophesy has many elements *TheChime - Possibly the ChimeOfAges or the WarBell *TheSword - Probably the DayBreaker *TheTower - Unknown *ThePit - [[Rintoko]]? *TheRing - Possibly the GreyRing *ThePreacherReversed - KiraithTheDestroyer *TheGeneralFaceDown - GeneralTalmuda *TheSpyLost - [[Ymir]] *TheBeastAside - ? *TheGodAside - ? *ALAHWI - [[Alahwi]] *TheEnemy - ? *TheFoeAtTheBottom - The Bottom is probably maybe [[Rintoko]]
He is coming. ---- I suspect He is not bringing candy.
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. .. ... There is a great journey. ... .. . ---- * To [[Osa]]?
FirstAgeVisions ''References to the FirstAge'' ''People:'' * The PerfectCircle ** [[Ymir]] -> // CerinTheWolf// ** [[Rosada]] : // [[Ularis]] -> FirstAndForsakenLion / [[Rosada]] -> KaiBuckthorn // ** KiriathTheDestroyer -> MarkuranTheBear ** BlackIris -> ** Askaru ->[[Imrama]] * Others ** GeneralTalmuda -> //ZaharaZhan// ** [[Alahwi]] -> //BirdsOfTrinity// ** [[Arexus]] -> //Soul Stored in DayBreaker// ''Places:'' * [[Rathess]] * BiAllah - one of the OtherRealms, reachable by GateSystem * [[Rintoko]] * PalaceOfLights ''Things:'' * SolarSeals including the DawnSeal, NightSeal, TwilightSeal, EclipseSeal and ZenithSeal - apparently keys to the ToolsOfGovernance *KiriathTheDestroyer's Things ** DayBreaker, KaiBuckthorn's sword, once held by KiriathTheDestroyer used in the DeathOfTalmuda *[[Ymir]]'s Things ** GreyRing ** YmirsBadgesOfOffice *** The NightSeal *** YmirsChrysanthemumPin *** YmirsDeliberativePin *** YmirsShadowsResplendentPin - the leader of the ShadowsResplendant is also known as EveningsVengefulBlade ** MessageToHerself ''Events:'' * CapturedByRebels * DeathOfTalmuda * AttackedByTheFlowers * TenYears battle - [[Ymir]] vs. [[Siram]] * YmirExaltation * KiriathTheDestroyer is PutDown ''Enemies:'' * The FirstAndForsakenLion - revealed to be KiriathTheDestroyer! * TheFlowers ** Note - as in-game clarification, "TheChrysanthemum" is the physical location, "KnightsOfTheGoldChrysanthemum" are the Sidereals, and "TheFlowers" is a derogatory nickname. Therefore, I encourage you to use "TheFlowers" * [[Siram]], a PrimordialGod, an example of ManyLimbedEvil * NamelessEvil * The Primordial that Possessed KiriathTheDestroyer (and now MarkuranTheBear) * MysteriousTerrifyingFigure
Seven Leaping Herons, Chosen of Secrets, is a sharp-featured man, who looks as though he has seen many, many years. His jet-black hair is sprinkled with white along the sides of his head, as if to contribute to this impression. He wears loose robes of emerald green, concealing his form. Upon his brow sits a thin, almost invisible circlet made of the very same metal Zahara discovered in the meteor. * First met when he broke into the LabyrinthineCascade and stole the StarMetal meteor. He later gave it back. * Taught ZaharaZhan the WorldShapingArtisticVision charm, towards Things Not of Creation (aka Demons, Fae, etc.) * Requested one of the metal orbs from the Aalorai island, which CerinTheWolf snuck into and stole several of. One was given to [[Herons]], and one to Zahara, whose later hatched into ReaverTheAalori. * LaiMisuna asked Cerin to 'deliver' a bright red [[dagger|http://wiki.stryck.com/pmwiki.php/Exalted/SIMeetingWithLai]] to Herons' heart when next they met. (This did not, in fact, occur.)
A red-gloved hand reaches down, and in it, a disc of polished gold, with a hollow circle carved into it in the most perfect of geometries. The hand places it in a matching recess, in a panel of blackest jade, and it clicks into place. Far above head, the ominous black and red storm clouds that have hung over the Blessed Isle for months begin to spin and whirl, churning and spinning downwards, down to hang in great, unbroken sheets around the borders of the vast island. From the roof of the Imperial Manse, the sky becomes utterly visible, the sun's vanishing glow playing upon its roof as the stars begin to poke through into sight; but looking out to the side, all that one can see is the great, unbroken walls of red and black. The Realm of the Dragon-Blooded is hidden from the world -- and the world from the Realm.
Under the endless light of a red sun, a monster stirs. On a white-grass-clad hill, the twisted reflection of the Alabaster Cliffs, the Slayer of Nations dreams in a deathly sleep, dreams of crush and bone and ruin.... Overhead, the constellation of the Crane rises through the inky revenant sky. At once, one great arm stiffens, rotten god-muscle growing taut with the memory of ligaments long since ground to dust, and it lifts... and the great hand falls, gouging a wound in the hill... and then, with a horrifying sound that would drive any man to madness, it tenses again, and pulls that great rotting body across the land... out of the red light, and into the black -- out of the reflection, and into the source. Miles and miles it crawls, the canyon it leaves filled with rotting flesh and dying behemoth-maggots, and it approaches the city. The gnats swarm out from the city to halt its progress, but they are gnats; it does not stop even to brush them away, and they fall under its inevitable progress. Things greater than gnats come next, but it is the Slayer of Nations, and today is not its dying day; it gives them, too, no heed. Great bolts of light and cosmic energies and great missiles fly through the air about its head, but it does not notice. It simply continues, unabated: one great, cadaverous hand in front of another. And then, the great hand falls once more -- but instead of upon soft meadow, great stone walls are crushed beneath. And from within the Blight of Aeons, atop the great creature's back, they usher forth -- the shades of the dead, tens and hundreds and thousands, streaming down the Juggernaut's arms and into the city. And so began the assault upon Lookshy.
The crack in the world yawns open. ---- Is this the crack that was just made by TheSecondHerald?
A brilliant flower blossoms in the garden. A swarm of insects covers the earth. A bull is put to pasture. A brood of ancient worms hatch from their eggs and devour the fruit from within. ----- To break it via the sentences: * A brilliant flower blossoms in the garden ** Is this the same garden as in [[Reading04]]? ** What might it be? TheExaltedDeliberative? (Is this consistent with prior mention of [[Flowers]]?) * A swarm of insects covers the earth ** TheLocustCrusade? * A bull is put to pasture. ** Pretty sure this is [[Ahlat]] after CerinTheWolf has dispensed Justice! -- Could also be the BulloftheNorth, who's destiny may or may not have been reassigned to [[Shikaya]]. * A brood of ancient worms hatch from their eggs and devour the fruit from within. ** The things below [[Chiaroscuro]]?
The Wolf is struck by a bolt from somewhere in the invisible distance, and dies bleeding, though its collar slips easily onto the ground, where it burrows beneath the earth -- and underneath it Thirteen sees that the Wolf wore a golden collar, emblazoned with the Twilight sigil. The ground rumbles, and from behind Thirteen quickly rises a familiar site -- the Labyrinthine Cascade. He sees hundreds of people standing, all looking up to the same point in the sky. The sky is darkened, and Thirteen sees in one corner of the sky what once would have been a great light, but now was dim and empty -- the Chained Man slowly makes his way across the sky. And as Thirteen watches, it blinks out and is gone, and total darkness covers all again. ----- The Wolf -- lurking doom, the unseen menace. The Chained Man -- self-doubt, penance. The collar that burrows into the earth is the Lacuna -- see ThirteensVision04. Underneath that -- it's a Twilight? No idea what that's about. The Chained Man is clearly TheUnconqueredSun, who dies -- cf. [[Reading27]]. This implies some interesting things about the Sun's actions and/or attitude. The Wolf gets shot, which might be by CerinTheWolf -- cf. [[Reading32]].
Has a nice ass. Possessed once more by the same spirit that worked with KiraithTheDestroyer after he DUMBLY LET IT OUT! >"I am a god from before your kind walked the Earth. And now I live again. Your kind can threaten me no longer." Statement implies the PrimordialGod that did so was dead once, and isn't any more. See PossessedByAPrimordial for more on that.
ZaharaZhan, Eclipse has created many artifacts with which to RULE THE WORLD. Ahem. * ''Seekrit Communicator Rings'' ** These ten-sided rings, of which 10 were made, allow communication to be telepathically broadcast to all attuned wearers of said rings, or to as many specific wearers as the sender wishes. *** The symbols on the side of the ring corresponding to the sender will change colors from gold to silver to indicate who is speaking. (in case one cannot tell from the mind voice) ** They are worn by all the members of the current Circle, as well as SsithumiAnHotep, ReaverTheAalori, and possibly other people I've forgotten. ** One can choose, also, to deactivate the ring, and thus get no messages. However, if it is still attuned, the side of the ring corresponding to the sender will change from gold to silver for several minutes, and the ring will become warm to the touch to indicate that a message was attempted. * ''TheWhiteRoom'' ** This was once a normal cell in Zahara'sDungeon, but she has converted it to stop all Essence from flowing inside the room. (except for hers, of course.) There are a few shackles and such, just in case, but most of the time it is not necessary to further restrict one who has been reduced to mortal status through Essence Starvation. The room was based on the design for the Essence - Blocking Collars. ** The effects of this are: *** One cannot activate any Charms *** One cannot regain Essence *** Ones reserves of Essence drain away slowly (1m per hour confined) *** Fae will eventually die of starvation - Ha ha ha. * ''War Bell'' +10L(P)(14) +5(13)(18HPM) +0(7) 1 +7(14) **A rare and arcane weapon, the War Bell is about the size of a man's head and is decorated with musical symbols noting the various tones it can reach. When struck, the appropriate symbols glow brilliant gold. The War Bell has three primary functions, all controlled by the striker of the bell and how many times the bell is struck in succession. The War Bell, when rung once, makes a normal attack against everyone within 10 yards. This attack uses the owner's Dexterity + Performance as its base pool. When rung twice, the War Bell attacks demons and fae, filling their ears with a pure tone that causes them to writhe in agony. Such creatures take aggravated damage from this attack. When rung three times, the War Bell's tones take hold of its foes provided it does more damage then their Temperance. For a number of turns equal to the extra damage successes rolled, they are under the control of the bell's player. **The War Bell is rung quickly, two rings or three being in such quick succession that the effects of one or two rings do not take place. So ringing the War Bell three times is a single action, but ringing it once three times in a row is three actions. It should also be noted that the effect of three rings on demons and fae does normal, not aggravated damage, in its attempt to control them and is an attack that simply has extra effects. **War Bells: Damage 10L (piercing) | Accuracy 5 | Defense 0 | Rate 1 | Speed 7 | Committment 7 ** Special notes: *** * Uses Dex + Presence *** * Undodgeable. Can be parried. *** * Two rings: Aggravated damage vs. demons and fae *** * Three rings: Controls foes who suffer more levels than their temperance, for turns equal to extra successes. Commits for 7 motes. * ''Blue Daiklave'' +6L(10) +4(12) +3(10) 6 +7(14) ** Special notes: *** it resonates negatively with Primordial energy. any being tied to the Primordials gets a -1 (cumulative) to all dicepools whenever struck by it. This includes the Primordials themselves, demons, dragon kings, infernals, and possibly others. Commits for 5 ess. * ''Amulet of the Cold - Hearted Bitch'' ** If you attune it for 1 mote, it provides emotional protection, granting increased difficulty on any attempt to sway you, and a bonus die on any roll to determine the feelings of one who cares about you. * ''Essence - Blocking Collars'' ** When placed upon the victim's neck, these collars force the Exalt to commit 1 mote of essence, which seals the lock. ** If the Exalt is out of Essence, they must commit 1WP. ** While wearing a locked collar, the Exalt cannot channel any Essence. When she tries, the collar causes it to feedback and fail, causing 1B damage. This will not bring the victim below incapacitated. ** The only way to unlock them is via Zahara spending 1m Essence to do so, as she has worked her prior incarnation's bones into the collars themselves, however simply placing them around the neck of the proper type of exalt will lock them. ** These collars only work the type of exalt they were designed for. ** In existance currently are 5 Dragon-Blooded, 1 Solar, 1 Abyssal and 1 Lunar collar, and 1 tree-god collar with the templates securely locked away. * ''Exquisite Bonds of Rapture'' - Art 5 Moonsilver scarves Committment 3m per scarf from owner, 2m (forced) each from subject if Exalted ** Originally intended for the purposes of seduction and the bedroom arts, this artifact can also be used for more sinister purposes, such as brainwashing and 'training' of the subject. The set of five moonsilver scarves' powers are seductive and insidious. They look and feel like deep purple silk shot through with intricate designs in silver thread, picturing all sorts of 'interesting' things. ** Wherever the Bonds meet eachother, they can be commanded to seal together seamlessly. This means that no amount of trying can actually untie them, they must be broken to escape. They have 10L/20B soak, and 10L of damage must be done in one turn, or they magically re-seal themselves at the end of the turn. ** The Bonds can each extend in length from one to ten feet. This permits the entire body of the subject to be encased, and sealed with but a thought by the owner. It is wise to leave a breathing hole or two. ** The Bonds can range in temperature from icy cold to blazing heat. The owner can choose whether or not they cause damage at the extreme ends of the scale. If so, they can do from 1L up to 2L per foot of fabric touching the skin of either Fire or Ice damage, depending on the whim of the owner (aka 1L to 20L each). It can also create an electrical circuit between any two or more of the Bonds, which the owner can choose to cause 2L of electrical damage. ** In addition, they can be caused to enhance the sensations of the subject's entire body, although it is most intense where covered directly by the silks. The lightest touch can feel like the most intense pleasure, and the tiniest pain can be amplified to feel like shattered bones. The owner controls the degree of intensification. ** The reverse is also true. The Exquisite Bonds of Rapture can produce no sensation at all. A blindfold would let no sight through, bound around the ears, no sound would penetrate. A gag could be tied which no sound could penetrate, allowing the subject's screams to be completely silent. *** When used while the subject is completely mummified, this creates a feeling of complete sensory deprivation. If suspended this way for too long, many subjects will be driven mad. (Willpower roll, dif the number of days so suspended) *** During the Sensory Deprivation mode, the owner can spend one mote for one sense originating from her body to penetrate the Bonds. Touch, smell, taste, sight, and sound are all useful in their ways, and are subject to amplification for an additional mote. ** If the ends of the scarves are left free, the owner can turn them into a toy of any type she desires, which will then break off from it. If it requires power, 1 mote must be committed for as long as it is on. These can be returned to the scarves at any point, and new ones extracted. ** With the committment of 5 motes to one of the Bonds, any whole trailing ends will come alive and perform the commands of the owner, with but a thought. ** The bonds have mastery over their subject's body, and can prevent, prolong, or cause an orgasm of the desired intensity. ** Perhaps the most frightening of its powers, is that the Bonds can inflict any emotion upon its subject that their owner desires. This can range from abject terror, to consuming lust, to purest love, and deep trust. The owner can spend up to their Essence in motes, which becomes the difficulty of the Conviction roll to oppose it. Exalts may spend 1 Willpower to double their Conviction roll to resist. While entranced, the emotion seems to have come from the subject, and feels entirely real. Afterwards, however, a Per+Socialize? roll can be made to determine whether the subject realizes the emotions were imposed on him or her.
Claims to have found DayBreaker in the FenOfTheUnsungRequiem, amidst the remains of an undead war party. Ended up trapped in DayBreaker after he tried to trap AdorjanTheDemonWind's Fetich soul within it. The demon won instead.
<<< "When you have read this, erase it immediately. Do not allow your guide to know you have read it. You must know three things: the key is in the EveningsVengefulBlade. The enemy still slumbers, dreaming deep below the earth in [[Rintoko]]. And TheFlowers cannot be trusted." <<< *What is the EveningsVengefulBlade? Possibly [[Daybreaker]]? - EveningsVengefulBlade has been revealed to be the head of the ShadowsResplendant *Why can TheFlowers not be trusted? Is this paranoia due to being AttackedByTheFlowers? NOTE: They do lie, in both ages, about Talmuda's death, insisting Ymir acted alone. **Are the The Flowers the TheFlowers? Cerin does various occult rituals with flowers. Is it these that cannot be trusted? Did [[Ymir]] perform such acts? Or is it [[Thirteen]] that cannot be trusted? *What is the enemy that sleeps below [[Rintoko]]?
The sounds of battle are heard across the universe. ---- Neither does this.
In the FirstAge there was the PerfectCircle: [[Rosada]] - Dawn - became KaiBuckthorn (and also FirstAndForsakenLion) KiraithTheDestroyer - Zenith - became MarkuranTheBear BlackIris - Twilight - became ...? [[Ymir]] - Night - became CerinTheWolf [[Askaru]] - Eclipse - became ...?
Leader of [[Rathess]] a Dragon King The Dragon-King draws closer to the three Solars. Upon closer inspection, it can be seen that its eyes glow a deep red -- and leave paths in the air when its head moves. Its entire body glows with a slight, almost unnoticeable aura. "Chosen of the Unconquered Sun, why do come today of all days to the city of Rathess -- the city you let fall into ruin and die?" it -- she, apparently -- calls out in an unusually mellifluous voice. Ssithumi says, "I know not the purpose of those who made this attack, but it was clearly for malevolent purposes. I know of some of the things which live under this city.... and I would prefer that they remain there."
There are various Primordial Beings that we know of in SI. Not all of them are our friends. Those who have made more or less direct appearances or are otherwise relevant are: ''Primodials'' * [[Gaia]] has not been seen directly, but the SolarSeals are some of her Second Circle Souls * [[Atomnos]] who would by autobot in a different game. He is a whiny bastard still though ''Malfeans'' * EbonDragon - Has an infernal tottering around * [[Cytherea]] - Main point of infernal-atomnosian contact. * [[Laerad]] - Has infernal cults.
The sinuous tendrils of the purple vine crawl across existence. Where there is life, they choke it out; where there is hope, they smother it in its crib; where there is light, they absorb it until it is gone, and become stronger than before. ---- The PurpleVine strikes again!
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