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Red Ice Clue Wiki (STATIC COPY)
*[[Arkadi]] - the Red Copper from Lookshy and working for Heaven *[[Anstice]] - the Grey lorist from the North *[[Cathak Jaom]] - the Dynast from the Dynasty *IronHorse - the Brown from the East *[[Kin]] - the Orange from the North, wishing he still worked for Heaven.
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!!Some kind of Header !Header? ''Bold'' ==Strike== __Underline__ //Italic// 2^^3^^=8 a~~ij~~ = -a~~ji~~ @@highlight@@ @@color(green):green colored@@ @@bgcolor(#ff0000):color(#ffffff):red colored@@ *Legende zum Vorlesungsverzeichnis **@@bgcolor(#a0ffa0):color(black): bedeutet hier@@ **@@bgcolor(#ffdead):color(black): etwas anderes@@ **@@bgcolor(#ffbfff):color(black): Lanthanides@@ **@@bgcolor(#ff99cc):color(black): Actinides@@ **@@bgcolor(#ffc0c0):color(black): Transition metals@@ **@@bgcolor(#cccccc):color(black): Poor metals@@ **@@bgcolor(#cccc99):color(black): Metalloids@@ **@@bgcolor(#a0ffa0):color(black): Nonmetals@@ **@@bgcolor(#ffff99):color(black): Halogens@@ **@@bgcolor(#c0ffff):color(black): Noble gases@@ *** @@color(#a0ffa0):TODO@@ *** @@color(#ffdead):IBM@@ *** @@color(#ffbfff):Research@@ *** @@color(#ff99cc):Japan@@ *** @@color(#ffc0c0):Culture@@
The bad-tempered former policeman from Lookshy, turned Yu-Shan cop. A Red Sidereal, currently the only pure Sidereal Exalted member of the Circle. Ark currently works an an detective for the [[Agency of Battles]], investigating the numerous battlefields across creation where fate has been disrupted somehow. He has seemingly worked everywhere in Yu-Shan that has required an investigator (including a brief period of service to Febrisa, and a somewhat longer period of time in Internal Affairs), a relic of the times when he was the black sheep of Yu-Shan. He's known to visit other agencies as well as the [[Saunaplex]] fairly often. His past as a black sheep is is long behind him; he has established close friendships with the higher-ups in the Bronze faction (and thus, a significant amount of influence) as a precautionary measure: he has uncovered evidence of a ring of gross treason and collaboration with the forces of [[Malfeas]] throughout Heaven (including the head of [[Internal Affairs]]). His relationships with mortals are quite healthy: he maintains close contact with [[Arkadi's family]] in Lookshy; his father Fyodor works as a smith, with his mother Irini operating their small store. He has two brothers currently on deployment with the Field Forces, and had a sister who was killed in a battle with Wyld barbarians. Aside from them, Arkadi is the shadow partner in a small bar operating in the Hundred Kingdoms (The [[BrokenDrum]] ), and maintains a on-again-off-again friendship with [[Rizzo]], an airboat merchant. In Heaven, aside from his connections to the higher-ups of the [[Bronze]] faction, Arkadi keeps one more ally. His former partner during his Internal affairs days, The Imam of Internal Expediency, God of Bureaucratic Effiency. His ex-partner is not involved with the [[GreatConspiracy]], but prefers to stay quiet and fight his battles from the inside, rather than arkadi's preferred technique. Still, the two can rely on one another for help from time to time. Oddly enough, Ark doesn’t go around making enemies, despite his general ‘law and order, guardian of justice’ attitude to life. He has three fairly major ones, however. The first is his ex-girlfriend, the Maiden of Missed Opportunity: it was through her that her learned of the [[GreatConspiracy]]. He offered her a chance to turn herself in; instead she blackballed him throughout Heaven for 3 years. He hasn’t forgotten that. The second is [[Pernic]], the head of [[Internal Affairs]]: while Arkadi currently has the protection of the [[Bronze]] faction, and is thus fairly safe from prosecution, both men desperately wish to bring one another down. The final enemy is external: Nefrin (aka The [[Patriot]] of Betrayal), a former soldier under Arkadi’s command (during the latter’s days of military service). He has since been exalted as an Abyssal and is working at cross-purposes to the circle. Arkadi has taken this as a personal slight and is determined to deal with his former subordinate. Romantically, Arkadi’s life is something of a train-wreck. He is a workaholic, which places great strain on his relationships. His last long-term relationship ended with the discovery she was a traitor to Heave. As a direct result, Arkadi is somewhat shy and awkward when it comes to the opposite sex. He is currently working up the nerve to proposition [[Cathak Jaom]], whom he has feelings for.
A former barbarian prince from up North, [[Anstice]] is now a [[Grey]] [[Synodic]] Exalted under the patronage of [[Posideon]], one of the five DarkLords. [[Anstice]] got drunk in Heaven and fathered a bunch of kids ([[Decid]] and Some-kid) on [[Febrisa]]'s sister [[Cerilla]]. While visiting the [[Saunaplex]], [[Anstice]] was temporarily kidnapped by [[Ahlat]] who had a mirror goddess bring his reflection to life, creating his overly muscled doppleganger [[Anstan]]. [[Anstice]] and [[Anstan]] are both attempting to marry [[Mendhari]] and have set a contest to determine who gets her hand.
The main Red Ice site: Keep track of your wacky Dark Sidereals and all their 'friends' right here! * [[Characters]] * [[Friends]] * [[Enemies]] * [[Events]] * [[Things]] * [[Places]] (Just beware that this wiki is not primarily designed to be edited by multiple users at once, so make sure to not edit at the same time as someone else, or you'll lose your edits.)
The not-so-bright but very loyal and helpful and FAST! [[Brown]] [[Synodic]], formerly a Yellow. IronHorse is engaged to [[Vestra]] and good friends with JasmineNights from GreatForks. He works for [[Charon]] and has only been to Yu-Shan a few times. He loves it there.
A very foul-tempered [[Orange]] who prefers to think of himself as a Red and hates [[Deimos]] with a passion. [[Kin]] worked in OfficeSix alongside [[Febrisa]], [[Arkadi]] and NineRoadsSojourner for many years before resigning when he heard about [[Xansha]]'s death. He has managed to offend every enemy of the Cirlce including YurikTheDissolver, BronzeSanction, the [[Primate]] and [[BlackVeils]], who eventually took one of his eyes in payment for his rudeness. [[Kin]] is married to [[Glory]] the Deathknight and they have a daughter named [[Arinya]]. [[Kin]] also discovered a long-lost daughter, [[Durana]] the Solar. She rules his home village now.
*[[Celphindal]] **[[Yurik]] **[[Grizlog]] ***[[Sevsimtali]] *[[Adorjan]] **[[TheDaughter]] ***[[Primate]] ****TheAlgorans ***BlackVeils ***CopperSpider - Deceased by [[Kin]] *EbonDragon **[[Mako]] **[[Patriot]] **[[Pernic]] ***BronzeSanction ***StoneJaguars ***[[Ahlat]] ****[[Anstan]] *[[Ouranos]] **[[Hecate]] *UncleElephant
*Heavenly Beings **[[Febrisa]] **[[Cerilla]] **[[Decid]] **[[Burgeron]] **RedCoatedLady *Exalted **[[Shiro]] **JasmineNights **[[Ragara]] **[[Lillun]] **UnnamedPurple **NineRoadsSojourner **[[Durana]] **[[Xansha]] - deceased **[[Nigellus]] *Underworld Beings **DarkLords ***[[Deimos]] ****MirrorBeasts ***[[Posideon]] ****TheDrowned ***[[Charon]] ****FerryMen ***[[Hades]] ****TheEnvoy **[[Glory]] *Mortals **[[Rizzo]] **[[Arkadi's family]] **[[Jaom's Family]] *Misc **[[Esmerelda]] **ThreeSisters ***[[Amania]] ***[[Purvas]] ***[[Vanyara]]
Rizzo Hendriksson is an airboat 'merchant' from Haslanti. In reality he works primarily as a transport service, offering the skies to those who can afford his fees. He has worked with [[Arkadi]] in the past, and has been shot by arrows no less than 3 times. He's quick to complain to the Lookshy native about this fact, only ceasing when the issue of payment is discussed. Despite this, the two are something resembling friends, Rizzo knowing Ark will never get him into something (knowingly) that he can't can't get out of, Arkadi trusting in the airboat captain's skill at the helm. Rizzo is an exceedingly unattractive man in his mid-30s, with pale skin, no chin and hair tied into matted dreadlocks.
[[Arkadi]] is rather close to his family, all of whom reside in [[Lookshy]]. All are citizens of the city, after his father's actions in a skirmish with Realm forces earned him promotion from helot to citizen. His father, Fyodor works as a weaponsmith of some repute. He and his wife Irini operate a small shop in the merchant's quarter. They are mildly successful and are well-regarded by the community as a whole. Arkadi has two brothers: one on his tour of duty with the Fourth Field Force as heavy infantry. The other is career military, currently serving as an Ashigaru, but seeking to join the Rangers in the future. Arkadi once had a sister, Elena. However, she died in service with the 2nd Field Force, dying in a battle with Wyld barbarians.
A Daybreak-caste Deathknight serving TheDaughter in the AncientTemple. When he attempted to stop the Circle from escaping the AncientTemple, [[Kin]] ripped his head off after impaling him with his spear.
A Green Sidereal working in Heaven alongside the UnnamedPurple with the BigConspiracy amongst [[Pernic]], the CelestialLions and the StoneJaguars. He was threatening [[Anstice]]'s kids with kidnapping for use in some nefarious ritual.
One of the Deathknights in service to TheDaughter and also a spy in Heaven. Because the UnnamedPurple was born with two souls, each with a different personality, she was able to be host to two seperate Exaltations. BlackVeils was able to act in Heaven with the UnnamedPurple's body for years without detection until her attack on [[Kin]] and the loss of her eye revealed the truth of her double-nature to the UnnamedPurple. After that she turned herself in to Heavenly Authorities and has been imprisoned, beginly, in the HeavenlyLoonyBin.
A mysterious Endings with no name that anyone can seem to remember. Because the UnnamedPurple was born with two souls, each with a different personality, she was able to be host to two seperate Exaltations. BlackVeils was able to act in Heaven with the UnnamedPurple's body for years without detection until her attack on [[Kin]] and the loss of her eye revealed the truth of her double-nature to the UnnamedPurple. After that she turned herself in to Heavenly Authorities and has been imprisoned, beginly, in the HeavenlyLoonyBin. Prior to turning herself in she worked with [[Mako]] as part of the BigConspiracy.
The director of OfficeSix where [[Kin]] worked before being fired and where [[Arkadi]] worked prior to a transfer to Internal Affairs. She was the one that sent [[Kin]] off to investigate the [[Sevsimtali]] and on a few other [[KinsMissions]]. She likes him a lot, though she doesn't understand why he became a [[Synodic]] Exalted and sees it as a betrayal. Febrisa was romantically involved with BronzeSanction until he was arrested but she was not aware of his connection to the BigConspiracy or even that the BigConspiracy existed. She is currently investigating [[Pernic]] and BronzeSanction. [[Cerilla]] is Febrisa's younger sister and employee.
The younger sister of [[Febrisa]], Cerilla is a Minor Wood Dragon who works in OfficeSix. She was present at a party with [[Anstice]] and [[Kin]]. Cerilla and [[Anstice]] had drunken sex which resulted in several god-blooded offspring including [[Decid]]. Cerilla is not really interested in caring for her children and keeps trying to pawn them off to whatever friendly god will accept them. She has not yet been successful. So far as anyone knows, Cerilla has no connection to the BigConspiracy. Her children by [[Anstice]] were threatened with kidnapping by [[Mako]] and the UnnamedPurple, but nothing has come of it yet. [[Mendhari]] is staying with Cerilla at the moment, secure in Heaven.
One of [[Anstice]]'s children by [[Cerilla]], Decid is less then a year old but he's matured to the level of a teenager in that time and reached his full physical growth. He is a fairly powerful god-blood, given his parents. His powers tend towards wood and fruit though he's got some traces of [[Anstice]]'s powers as well. The extent of his magical abilities is unknown and untested. He currently dwells in Heaven with [[Cerilla]] and his sibblings. He is the only one of them to have demonstrated any individuality as of yet and acts as the spokesmen for the group. Decid is not part of the BigConspiracy, but he was threatened with kidnapping by [[Mako]] and the UnnamedPurple.
The God of Bovine Health and Vitality is a member of both the CrimsonPanoply and the CeruleanLute, though fairly junior in both. He serves his father [[Ahlat]] but does so out of fear of punishment and demotion rather then loyalty. He was compelled by [[Ahlat]] to abduct [[Anstice]] so that [[Ahlat]] could have a mirror-goddess create [[Anstan]] from the Sidereal's reflection. Feeling baddly about this, Burgeron paid [[Anstice]]'s child-support to [[Cerilla]]. Burgeron is not part of the BigConspiracy and has agreed to secretly help [[Kin]] gather support among Heaven to oppose the [[Algorans]] and their army in Creation.
The Goddess of Theivery has no name other then various descriptions, the most common of which being the Red Coated Lady. She is always seen wearing a long red trenchcoat, a red scarf and a red cowboy hat. Sometimes she wears high-heeled boots. Her hair is auburn. She is not part of the BigConspiracy and is activly working against its members, most especially [[Pernic]]. She recently revealed to the Circle that [[Pernic]] is working for someone who is coordinating the entire BigConspiracy for some unwholesome goal and has promised to get them more information. She is fairly friendly with [[Arkadi]] and IronHorse. She finds IronHorse funny.
A Twilight-caste Solar Exalted living in GreatForks and married to JasmineNights. Shiro is an excellent smith with many Crafts Charms as well as an able warrior. Shiro has created a replacement eye for [[Kin]] as well as upgrading some of his weapons and his armor.
A beautiful Solar of the Night Caste living in GreatForks, Jasmine Nights is married to [[Shiro]]. She is the underworld queen of GreatForks, having control of almost all criminal activity in the city and a huge network of contacts outside it. She is powerful in her own right, a fierce warrior and amazingly seductive with her long-honed skills of stripping and exotic dancing. Jasmine has worked with the Circle in the past, even offering mercenary assignments for [[Cathak Jaom]] when she was seeking employment.
Founder of House Ragara, THE Ragara is an extremely old Terrestrial Exalted that the Circle encountered when they raced North in [[Rizzo]]'s airship to rescue the old Exalt from an invading army of [[Algorans]] and some nasty demons. When the Circle arrived, they found Ragara and his friends and his sister [[Lillun]] waiting for them. The Dragon-Blooded helped the Circle defeat most of the army, then fled back to the Blessed Isle. Ragara has given the Circle his official word of thanks, a heft financial reward and a favor they may call on when they need it.
Sister to [[Ragara]] and thus daughter of the Scarlet Empress, Lillun is a very old Earth-Aspect with many sorcerous powers and a number of potent Charms at her disposal. She lives in the Imperial Palace. When fighting the [[Algorans]], Lillun decided to trust the Circle with the secret of TheDaughter's SecretWeakness. She thanked the Circle for their help, but considers her confiding of the SecretWeakness to have paid her debt.
[[Kin]]'s old partner from OfficeSix who was rescued by the Circle from the EvilRitual being carried out in the AncientTemple. She was returned to Heaven after that.
A young Solar of the Dawn Caste who happens to be [[Kin]]'s daughter and to rule his home village with an iron, but friendly, fist. [[Mako]] attempted to recruit her for the Cult of the Illuminated and the BigConspiracy, but she rejected his offer. He told her that [[Kin]] would try to kill her, but this was a lie. Probably. Durana is currently fighting against the [[Algorans]] as they solidfy their hold on the part of the North where her village is located. She is not very experienced, having been Exalted only a short time, but she is still a good leader and a strong warrior.
Esmerelda Val Siminova de Luthe is the ghost of a very old Solar Exalted from the First Age. She bound her Higher Soul into her favorite suit of armor and left it in the AncientTomb which was actually her burial place before being turned into a haven of darkness and evil. Since [[Cathak Jaom]] put the [[Eternal Flame of Trust]] on, Esmerelda has been able to speak through Jaom when she is wearing the armor and offer her extensive knowledge of the First Age, crafting and occult matters to the Circle when asked. The extent of her powers while trapped inside the armor is unknown, but probably very limited. So far she has reshapped Jaom's body and does Jaom's hair whenever Jaom is in 'her' armor. Esmerelda wishes to create herself a new, artificial body and has asked the Circle to find her someone capable of working on this project with her. [[Shiro]] has been suggested as a possible helper. Being a First Age Solar, Esmerelda remembers [[Xansha]] as a young girl and has told the Circle that they need to return to XanshasCitadel to reclaim XanshasStuff. She also mentioned that much of XanshasStuff once belonged to an older Exalted named Sorenen.
One of [[Anstice]]'s children by [[Cerilla]], a 'younger' brother to [[Decid]]. He's very rude.
[[BrokenDrum]] [[Lookshy]]
A bar located in the 100 Kingdoms. [[Arkadi]] is the shadow partner in it. It serves as a gathering point for the city's militia when they're off-duty. It's a fairly quiet place, as interrupting a cop's drinking generally results in a group of angry cops. It's fairly profitable though, and [[Arkadi]] tends to use it as a reality check when YuShan's excesses begin to grate on his nerves.
A Red Sidereal from the First Age, Xansha trained [[Mendhari]], IronHorse, [[Anstice]] and [[Kin]] at different times in the past. Aside from training new Sidereals she was a collector of information about demons, Yozis and Malfeans as well as an accomplished sorceress. XanshasCitadel was her home, inherited from her teacher. Along with the citadel she also inherited his collection of ancient items and weapons which joined her own collection to become XanshasStuff. The Circle has recently discovered that XanshasStuff is contained inside a dream-world accessed by going to sleep in Xansha's enchanted bed. Xansha was found dead at the beginning of the Chronicle when [[Anstice]] arrived at XanshasCitadel after being summoned to learn of some new secret she had uncovered. She was killed with a ReallyNastyDagger by at least three attacks of which one was a demon. Her attackers destroyed her SpecialJournal with demonic ooze that melted the book. Another book, TheIntactBook by RisingDuskFeathers, was damaged but not destroyed. [[Esmerelda]] revealed that Xansha was trained by an Exalted named [[Sorenen]]
A Lunar Elder with the Rat as his totem, Nigellus lives in a GiantRosebush near GreatForks. While the Circle was visiting JasmineNights and [[Shiro]], Nigellus summoned [[Cathak Jaom]] and [[Anstice]] to meet with him and recieve a gift from [[Anstice]]'s former self. This gift turned out to be the TongueOfSaturn.
The three sisters are [[Amania]], [[Purvas]] and [[Vanyara]]. They have five other sisters, the Four Lesser Winds of [[Malfeas]] and TheDaughter. All of these sisters are the children of [[Adorjan]] and a Solar Exalted from the First Age. That Solar's shard has reincarned in the RescuedSolar. The three sisters are still alive, though no one knows what sort of being they are or where the strange, featureless world they live in actually is. The extent of their powers is unknown but they are presumably very powerful beings and they are extremely well-informed. They have suggested that the Circle return to XanshasCitadel to claim XanshasStuff and promised to point out the most useful items when the Circle arrives. The sisters can be communicated with by singing before going to sleep, they will then arrive in the sleeper's dreams. So far only [[Kin]] and [[Cathak Jaom]] have met them.
The kindest of the ThreeSisters, Amania takes the shape of a white-skinned and black-haired woman who exists in utter absolutes. Her skin is perfectly smooth, perfectly white and her hair is perfectly black. Everything about her is one of those two colors. She has mentioned that if the ThreeSisters ever drink tea, they will go mute forever.
One of the ThreeSisters who takes the form of a middle-aged woman with burnished golden skin and glowing sunfire for hair. Purvas has a sharp tongue and little patience. She has met twice with [[Kin]] and advised him to return to his home village (which he did) and to take all messages from [[Deimos]] with a grain of salt. She was unsure if the DarkLords were serious in their claims that they wished to free themselves from the domination of [[Ouranos]].
The most often seen member of the ThreeSisters, Vanyara was the one who lead [[Kin]] and [[Cathak Jaom]] from GreatForks to their otherworldly home for the first meeting between the ThreeSisters and the Circle. She appears in the mortal world as a young woman with pale golden skin and shineless black hair.
Scions of the might of the Elemental Dragons and supposed heirs of Creation, the Dragon-Blooded rule somewhat tenuously from their position on the Blessed Isle. Recent developments within the Realm (namely, the disappearance of the Empress) has led to the carefully-constructed system's slow colapse, and it is feared that civil war will break out eventually...
*[[Internal Affairs]] *TongueOfSaturn
The Internal Affairs division in [[YuShan]] is the bureau in charge of ensuring all enforcers of the laws and regulations of [[YuShan]] (Including the Sidereal Exalted, and the various guardian spirits) themselves act in accordance to the heavenly city's laws and regulations. Unfortunately, its leadership has become corrupt in recent years. [[Pernic]] , the head of the division, has become a major player in a ring of traitors to Heaven, having allied themselves with the forces of the Malfeas. [[Arkadi]] uncovered evidence of this ring several years ago, and has been attempted to bring it down ever since.
Aside from her numerous brothers and sisters, Jaom looks up to her father, a fellow fireblood known as Cathak Rigal... and sort-of pays attention to her doting, nagging mortal mother, Cathak Ilom. The former was a man who traveled much and had his fair share of experiences, something Jaom soon came to crave for herself. Of course, Ilom was having none of that... or so she thought. Jaom has vanished, and neither of them knows if she still lives.
The only Dragon-Blooded member of the Circle, Jaom joined up when [[Glory]] saved her from the AncientTemple. [[Jaom's Family]] hasn't heard from her in quite a while. Jaom currently wears the [[Eternal Flame of Trust]] which contains the higher soul of [[Esmerelda]]. She is highly aware that [[Arkadi]] has some interest in her, and is trying to break him out of his chell by being a flirt from time to time.
An unusual suit of armor, the Eternal Flame is made of interlocking scales of red jade and orichalcum, and reshapes itself to meld to its owner's body. It, along with the Open Eye set within its matching circlet, allows [[Esmerelda]] to 'borrow' [[Cathak Jaom]]'s body to speak. The armor has numerous other powers that Jaom is presently unaware of.
Lookshy is *the* military force in the River Province. It is a city whose entir epurpose is buiult arpound its army, the 7th Legion. It operates a number of Field Forces of the Legion, has a store of First Age tools and artifacts that are superiror to even those of the Realm, and is known for the honable, skilled nature of its military. Lookshy operates a number of spcial forces units: the Ashigaru, Gunzosha and Rangers. It is currently engaged in a cold war of sorts with The Realm. Lookshy is the Red Sidereal [Arkadi]]'s place of birth, and remains a city he is fiercely loyal to.
An artifact relic of [[Anstice]]'s former incarnation the TongueOfSaturn was entrusted to [[Nigellus]], a rat-totem Lunar living in the GiantRosebush near GreatForks. [[Cathak Jaom]] and [[Anstice]] retrieved the Tongue from the bowels of the GiantRosebush. [[Esmerelda]] informed the pair of the Tongue's nature and powers. It predates the First Age and has the ability to undeniably confirm the truth or untruth of anything it writes. Anyone reading words written by the Tongue of Saturn will be unable to deny that they are true, or false, whichever they actually are.
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